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Monday, August 1, 2011

4 Mag Class - 1pm August 1st Discussion

[13:01]  janette Inglewood: Tal everyone and welcome to week 4 of the Magistrate class
[13:02]  janette Inglewood: i have had some excellent essays on sentencing........
[13:02]  janette Inglewood: and some people claiming their pet larls ate them
[13:02]  Torin Novo: oh my.
[13:02]  janette Inglewood: so....get them done and to me asap please
[13:03]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane): no it was the ubars pet larl not mine I am allergic
[13:03]  janette Inglewood: Today i want to discuss the laws of Gor thenselves
[13:03]  janette Inglewood: i suggest You take out the law list i gave out a while back
[13:04]  Karisima Stein opens inventory to search
[13:04]  Torin Novo: Oh this is a good class. the laws
[13:05]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane): 00.3.1 Rules and Laws of Gor?
[13:05]  janette Inglewood: correct Hendrik
[13:06]  janette Inglewood: the (amended) is because it used to say weapons were allowed in a temple
[13:06]  janette Inglewood: also...i tend to call rules.....the ooc sim really this is IC laws of Gor
[13:07]  janette Inglewood: Now....this list was written by Ubar Luther
[13:07]  janette Inglewood: we know He is not infallible
[13:08]  janette Inglewood: However...whenever i have cross checked these i tend to find them accurate
[13:09]  janette Inglewood: After class i shall do a handout of something we put together that backs as many of them as we can with quotes
[13:10]  janette Inglewood: but it is up to You as Magistrates to back up Your rulings when necessary
[13:11]  janette Inglewood: Now...if you scroll down to Law number 1......
[13:11]  janette Inglewood: you will see it is the walls law
[13:12]  janette Inglewood: and as we learned in jurisdiction in week1.......
[13:12]  janette Inglewood: every city has different laws
[13:12]  janette Inglewood: by and large...most...conform to most of the ones on this list
[13:13]  janette Inglewood: but never assume that
[13:13]  Soulsearcher Skytower: it is one of the main laws of gor and ignored in sl by the idiots in power
[13:13]  MizLucie Winterwolf-Zane (mizlucie.winterwolf): <snickers>
[13:13]  Perseus Xavorin (offroadbiking): true
[13:13]  janette Inglewood: always check the laws of the city......because they overide these
[13:13]  Soulsearcher Skytower: and chokes rp off
[13:14]  Soulsearcher Skytower: stops his rant now
[13:14]  janette Inglewood: some of the laws on this list are merchant laws......some are slightly irrelevant to us...mostly
[13:15]  janette Inglewood: covering sewerage vats and so forth
[13:15]  janette Inglewood: i have never tried anyone for that one....yet
[13:15]  janette Inglewood: Therefore.......i am not saying you need to learn these off by heart
[13:16]  janette Inglewood: be familiar with them.........learn the common ones......
[13:16]  Torin Novo: You'd be impresive if you did
[13:16]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane) writes on his to do list Covering sewerage vats
[13:16]  janette Inglewood: and keep this scroll handy
[13:18]  janette Inglewood: now with law number see it does refer to sovereign territories
[13:18]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud) smiles thinking she will have a lot of time to memorize the laws ..
[13:18]  janette Inglewood: and what Soul was grumbling about was when sims extend their lwas to the whole sim....rather than the city itself
[13:19]  janette Inglewood: *laws
[13:19]  janette Inglewood: ((please remove meters......battling lag here))
[13:19]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane): @
[13:19]  janette Inglewood: Hendrik?
[13:20]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane): can you as magistrate overrule the city laws by BTB laws of ending at the city walls
[13:21]  janette Inglewood: theory....outside the city walls...Merchant law applies
[13:21]  Torin Novo: @
[13:21]  janette Inglewood: so if they differ....yes....however....
[13:22]  Karisima Stein: @
[13:22]  janette Inglewood: i enforce the sovereign territory clause here in Olni....
[13:22]  janette Inglewood: my jurisdiction is all of our lands
[13:23]  janette Inglewood: Torin?
[13:23]  Torin Novo: Merchat law also applies inside the any city that wishes to be able to trade at the sardar fairs. correct? So really Mercaht law is everywhere.
[13:23]  Torin Novo: unless that city rejects them which would make them unable to trade at the fairs
[13:24]  janette Inglewood: correct......but there may be variations for example in some slave laws
[13:24]  janette Inglewood: so be careful with that assumption
[13:24]  Karisima Stein puts@ (hand) down as question was asked
[13:24]  Torin Novo: Aye
[13:24]  janette Inglewood: obvious things....coin shaving.....and all that stuff...then yes
[13:25]  janette Inglewood: but City laws overide all else in that city
[13:25]  Cara (caralea): @
[13:25]  Torin Novo nods
[13:25]  janette Inglewood: Cara?
[13:26]  Cara (caralea): This brings me back to a question I asked when classes first began. If a FW is taken from her home by force, whose laws is she truly bound by? If she is taken, is she not expected to fight aggresively to return to her Homestone? Yet to do so, in most cities, is collarable.
[13:26]  janette Inglewood: there is not a cut and dried answer....every case differs.....capture laws may well apply
[13:27]  janette Inglewood: she has the right to try to escape and you will find some of it is laid out in this scroll
[13:27]  janette Inglewood: but once branded as a slave, then she has no recourse to law
[13:28]  Cara (caralea) nods
[13:28]  janette Inglewood: and every city respects capture laws
[13:29]  janette Inglewood: Now we dont have time to discuss all 120 laws on the scroll
[13:29]  janette Inglewood: but if you look at number 2 for example......
[13:30]  janette Inglewood: you see one that is hard to translate to SL rather like some of the sentences we discussed last week
[13:30]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): @
[13:30]  janette Inglewood: mot many sim Owners are going to go with this one
[13:30]  Torin Novo laughs
[13:30]  janette Inglewood: Solace?
[13:30]  Torin Novo: You can try though
[13:30]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): what if the FWescapes and returns to her own HS then what is she still viewed as a slave ?"
[13:31]  Torin Novo: I want to watch\
[13:31]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): she would have been b randed and collared outside her HS ..
[13:31]  janette Inglewood: again that can vary......
[13:31]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud) sighs
[13:31]  janette Inglewood: in theory yes she is a slave
[13:31]  Perseus Xavorin (offroadbiking): I believe once you are branded as slave and you make it back to your city, they'll either try to collar you or give you a chance to run
[13:32]  Soulsearcher Skytower: branded is branded no exception accept manumism
[13:32]  janette Inglewood: she may however receive manumission
[13:32]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud) jaw drops .. eyes dart to Acilia as she mouths the words "WoW"
[13:32]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane) needs a travel branding set
[13:32]  Perseus Xavorin (offroadbiking): Its not really like in SL where if you make it back, the city will surround you and help you gain freedom... unless the admin/ubar gives you manumisson
[13:32]  janette Inglewood: but .....will have still been a slave
[13:32]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): oooh .... !!
[13:32]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): and who decides that ?"
[13:33]  Soulsearcher Skytower: real gor you would be punished for running and turned over to your captor
[13:33]  janette Inglewood: there is no single answer
[13:33]  Soulsearcher Skytower: marlenus rejected his own daughter after she was branded
[13:33]  janette Inglewood: every case is different Solace
[13:33]  Torin Novo: right you are not allowed to run from your captor
[13:33]  janette Inglewood: a brand is a brand
[13:33]  Acilia Rubellius (safarri.dreamscape): @
[13:34]  janette Inglewood: and as such you cannot expect anything
[13:34]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud) bottom lip begins to tremble trying to hold back the tears ..she clutches to Acilia's hand griping it tight
[13:34]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): Okay Thank You
[13:34]  janette Inglewood: Acilia?
[13:34]  Soulsearcher Skytower: sl idiots often ignore that law though
[13:34]  Acilia Rubellius (safarri.dreamscape): I thought marlenus rejected his own daughter after she had wrote a letter for him to buy her or ....something along those lines....and then he decided to reject her as only a slaves asks to be bought
[13:34]  Soulsearcher Skytower: that was part of it yes
[13:35]  Soulsearcher Skytower: but he had no intention before that to get her
[13:35]  Soulsearcher Skytower: she was a slave
[13:35]  janette Inglewood: yes......i can only repeat every case is different
[13:35]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): all I wanna know is , where is the love?
[13:35]  Acilia Rubellius (safarri.dreamscape) dies laughing
[13:35]  Soulsearcher Skytower: this is gor
[13:35]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): tthis sucks monkey ballies
[13:35]  Soulsearcher Skytower: then dont rp here
[13:36]  Soulsearcher Skytower: thats sounds cruel
[13:36]  Soulsearcher Skytower: but it is the truth
[13:36]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): yes yes I know that ..
[13:36]  Acilia Rubellius (safarri.dreamscape): It is amazingly hard to play a woman in gor....incredibly hard because you only get the short stick...and it gets shorter each time
[13:36]  Perseus Xavorin (offroadbiking): brb
[13:37]  janette Inglewood: i dont want a debate on FW....yes Gor is a Man's world.....that is the whole point of it
[13:37]  janette Inglewood: dont get captured....dont get collared
[13:38]  MizLucie Winterwolf-Zane (mizlucie.winterwolf): @
[13:38]  janette Inglewood: Lucie?
[13:39]  MizLucie Winterwolf-Zane (mizlucie.winterwolf): if we are not allowed to fight and an fc can collar us at any moment then how can we avoid it lol
[13:39]  MizLucie Winterwolf-Zane (mizlucie.winterwolf): no choice but panther
[13:39]  Eris (eris.scribe): use sweetness and femininity, if you can mix the two.
[13:39]  janette Inglewood: With tact and abiding by the laws
[13:39]  janette Inglewood: now lets move on
[13:39]  janette Inglewood: scroll down to 38
[13:40]  janette Inglewood: there a stack of very boring merchant laws here
[13:40]  janette Inglewood: these are the sort that apply everywhere on Gor
[13:41]  janette Inglewood: set at the Sardar fairs........and if a City doesnt abide by these then trade is going to get difficult
[13:42]  janette Inglewood: there is not a standard coin system across Gor.....neither in the books nor in SL
[13:42]  janette Inglewood: and money has different value in different places....just like on earth
[13:43]  janette Inglewood: then if we move on to law 63
[13:43]  janette Inglewood: we come to some of the laws that you will use the most here on SL Gor
[13:44]  janette Inglewood: slavery issues
[13:44]  janette Inglewood: law 65 for example is very clear......
[13:44]  janette Inglewood: whilst are a Free person...
[13:45]  janette Inglewood: but..once branded....collared or submitted....your legal rights end
[13:46]  janette Inglewood: 71....capture law.....these are the ones that come up a lot
[13:46]  janette Inglewood: now 84
[13:47]  janette Inglewood: this is another chestnut
[13:47]  janette Inglewood: conduct indicating suitability for the collar
[13:47]  janette Inglewood: this does not mean......having opinions.....
[13:48]  janette Inglewood: saying no..........breathing too loudly........wearing the wrong coloured dress
[13:49]  janette Inglewood: so please read this one closely and consider what it says
[13:50]  janette Inglewood: Law 85 states that for a woman to be collared in her own has to be done legally
[13:50]  janette Inglewood: now i have searched for quotes to back this up
[13:50]  Soulsearcher Skytower: you wontfind any it is onlinism
[13:50]  janette Inglewood: and it tends to be based on...arresting her....and calling for a Magistrate
[13:50]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane): @
[13:51]  janette Inglewood: there is not a direct quote.......but it does say...."sentenced to"
[13:51]  janette Inglewood: so Ubar Luther's basing this law on that
[13:51]  janette Inglewood: Hendrik?
[13:52]  Torin Novo: @
[13:52]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane): It states that its illegal for a person on their own to collar a free.......but what happeneds if I collar a free woman on my own
[13:53]  janette Inglewood: well...based on what i have just is going to depend on the city
[13:53]  janette Inglewood: FW in their own Cities do have protection
[13:53]  Torin Novo: @
[13:53]  Kana (devon.slacker) whispers: @
[13:54]  janette Inglewood: will depend on City law
[13:54]  Soulsearcher Skytower: unless it is her companion collaring
[13:54]  janette Inglewood: in Olni....i would have a Magistrate look at the reason for it
[13:55]  janette Inglewood: i am acutely aware as a female that i do not wish to seem as if i am defending women too much
[13:55]  janette Inglewood: and indeed i employ several male Magistrates here
[13:56]  janette Inglewood: so.....i would have one look to see the reason and if they found none....You could be accused of assault
[13:56]  janette Inglewood: however...this is city by city
[13:56]  Soulsearcher Skytower: again unless it is your companion
[13:56]  janette Inglewood laughs at her FC....yes love
[13:56]  janette Inglewood: Torin?
[13:56]  Torin Novo: This was brought up in our group discusion. If she is brought before a magistrate for conduct becoming of a slave does she go to trial or do you tend to rule on your findings?
[13:57]  janette Inglewood: seldom would i have a trial for it
[13:57]  Soulsearcher Skytower: i see a lot of cases comeing wear woman think thier companions need a magistrate is why i say that
[13:57]  janette Inglewood: were it say the Ubara...then i would
[13:57]  janette Inglewood: but in
[13:58]  janette Inglewood: Kana?
[13:58]  Kana (devon.slacker): so this is saying a witness is required when you collar a girl?
[13:58]  janette Inglewood: when you collar a FW of your own homestone
[13:58]  janette Inglewood: only then
[13:59]  Kana (devon.slacker): ah
[13:59]  Kana (devon.slacker): ok
[13:59]  janette Inglewood: that is the only time a woman has such a right of protection
[13:59]  Cara (caralea): ((please excuse me all, RL calls))
[14:00]  janette Inglewood: Right then....that about brings us to time
[14:00]  janette Inglewood: homework this week......
[14:00]  janette Inglewood: read these laws
[14:00]  janette Inglewood: isolate the ones you think will be common
[14:01]  janette Inglewood: and read them again
[14:01]  janette Inglewood: if you havent given me the sentencing homework yet....get that to me soon
[14:01]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): @
[14:01]  janette Inglewood: i hope you enjoyed the class.....thank you all for participating
[14:01]  janette Inglewood: Solace?
[14:01]  Eris (eris.scribe): Thank you Lady Jan.
[14:02]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): are these all merchant laws we are looking at , correct?"
[14:02]  Karisima Stein: Thank you Lady Jan
[14:02]  janette Inglewood: no
[14:02]  janette Inglewood: a variety.......laws stated in the books...some merchant, some common civil..some regional
[14:03]  janette Inglewood: a bit of everything
[14:03]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud) blinks ... okay ... Thank You , are we suppose to figure out on are own which is which?"
[14:03]  janette Inglewood: it will be fairly clear i think
[14:03]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud) smiles with a nod "thanks
[14:04]  Acilia Rubellius (safarri.dreamscape): ok thank you janette
[14:04]  janette Inglewood: to do with trade....coin...slaves......tend to be mechant laws
[14:04]  janette Inglewood: i shall send the log in group...and the quotes scrolls in a while
[14:04]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud) smiles , thanks thats helpful
[14:05]  janette Inglewood: thank you all and be well
[14:05]  Hendrik Zane-Winterwolf (hendrik.zane): Thank you
[14:05]  Solace Gadsby  (solace.lightcloud): see ya next time , great class , which it would have been the first one , though
[14:06]  Kana (devon.slacker): Safe Paths all
[14:07]  Torin Novo: And the document with the quotes you will send out Lady Jan?
[14:07]  janette Inglewood: yes i shall
[14:08]  Torin Novo: Thank you. I look forward to that one
[14:09]  Torin Novo: Be well all. See you tomorrow.
[14:09]  Eris (eris.scribe): safe paths to all
[14:09]  janette Inglewood: be well

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