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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 Women's Health Class Transcript

[7:07]  Zenith Sorbet: This week's session is on women's care and as usual it is an informal discussion based type class so you can stop and interrupt me at anytime with questions or comments.
[7:09]  Zenith Sorbet: I'm sure you know that many people in SL go through pregnancies and deliveries.
[7:09]  Zenith Sorbet: Obviously, our avatars representatives can't just go out and get pregnant from sex in the usual way.
[7:09]  Zenith Sorbet: So for those of you out there busy trying and trying the way Mother Nature designed real humans and getting absolutely nowhere, let me give you a hint. Just as sex requires a lot of roleplay and imagination, and few special attachments, so too, does pregnancy.
[7:10]  Zenith Sorbet: So I will begin with a few of the common questions I get.
[7:10]  Zenith Sorbet: Who decides if someone gets pregnant?
[7:10]  Zenith Sorbet: Bluntly, only the potential mother can decide. There are simply no accidental pregnancies in SL Gor because pregnancy has to be role played. So your patient makes a decision to get pregnant.
[7:11]  Zenith Sorbet: It is always nice if they come to see you before hand for a prenatal check up. At that point you can help them by asking a few important questions.
[7:11]  Zenith Sorbet: Most important of these is likely has the father consented to this.
[7:11]  Zenith Sorbet: As in real life an unplanned role play pregnancy, sprung on an unsuspecting father can be disasterous for a relationship.
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: 2) How long does pregnancy last?
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: There is a general standard of six weeks real life time.
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: This comes from a specific card widely distributed by the various Green Caste group.
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: This card states the following.
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: "On Earth, a normal pregnancy is approximately 40 weeks, give or take a solid month. However, babies can be born healthy much sooner than this, given recent developments in neonatal medicine. Knowing that medicine on Gor is even more advanced than our own, and allowing for the exceptionally good health of the Gorean Free Woman, and the effects of the stabilization serums on prenatal development, in addition to the altered gravity and multiple lunar cycles of Gor, it is estimated that a successful Gorean pregnancy, at full term, might run about the length of a successful premature delivery on Earth. Coincidentally, since there are only 5 days in the Gorean week, or hand, this works out to be about 40 hands gestation time" From Gorean Childbirthing by Jenna Harley.
[7:13]  Zenith Sorbet: Many of the By the Book Purists argue that we should really be role playing a pregnancy for nine weeks.
[7:14]  Zenith Sorbet: I tend to agree but there is a problem with that.
[7:14]  Zenith Sorbet: Most pregnancy supplies that are available to be purchased work an assumption of six weeks real time role playing.
[7:14]  Zenith Sorbet: However this is role play. So your patient can role the pregnancy much faster or much longer as they wish.
[7:15]  Zenith Sorbet: So you could potentially in role play announce you are pregnant, change your shape and deliver a baby in five minutes if you role play it correctly.
[7:15]  Zenith Sorbet: Or you could be pregnant all the time.
[7:15]  Zenith Sorbet: So your patient arrives and wish to be diagnosed as pregnant.
[7:15]  Zenith Sorbet: I have a pregnancy test I use in role play that is very effective.
[7:16]  Zenith Sorbet: I will rezz you can both try it.
[7:16]  Zenith Sorbet: It is made by Hulapop Mahoney.
[7:17]  Zenith Sorbet: Now touch it
[7:17]  Pregnancy Test: The results are negative, Student #1 is not pregnant.
[7:17]  Student #1: phew
[7:17]  Pregnancy Test: The results are negative, Student #2 is not pregnant.
[7:17]  Zenith Sorbet: You saw how you get a private menu asking you if you want the answer to be positive negative or random
[7:18]  Pregnancy Test: The results are negative, Zenith Sorbet is not pregnant.
[7:18]  Student #2 sighs..'The one test a man can never pass.."
[7:18]  Student #1: and its accepted in gor?
[7:18]  Zenith Sorbet: Gorean medicine is very advanced so why not?
[7:19]  Zenith Sorbet: Another question?
[7:19]  Student #2: Gorean science seems very backwards in regards to some hard construction techniques but to have pretty advanced chemistry knowledge
[7:21]  Zenith Sorbet: So your patient is now confirmed as pregnant, next question you will get is 3) How do I change my shape?
[7:21]  Zenith Sorbet: The cheapest way is to change shape by going to appearance, shape torso belly size.
[7:22]  Zenith Sorbet: Also as the breasts and hips also enlarge in pregnancy and broaden I recommend adjusting those as well.
[7:22]  Zenith Sorbet: Many of the freebie stores and Green Caste of Gor and Physician's Caste of Gor have free pregnancy shapes.
[7:22]  Zenith Sorbet: I have included a set in my supplies box. I find the pregnancy shapes alone are not that good at representing a pregnancy
[7:23]  Zenith Sorbet: That package contains a full set of shape changes and landmarks to various stores which sell pregnany supplies.
[7:23]  Zenith Sorbet: most recently we have a Gorean specific one.
[7:24]  Zenith Sorbet: In addition a woman can add a prim belly. The disadvantage to the prim belly is then clothing doesn't fit whereas with the shapes, most clothing will continue to fit, except possibly for prim skirt adjustments.
[7:24]  Zenith Sorbet: So I warn new mothers of this.
[7:24]  Zenith Sorbet: In addition, there are many stores in SL that have supplies for role playing pregnancy. Some can be very expensive and some are very cheap.
[7:24]  Zenith Sorbet: It pays to shop around. It also pays to compare features.
[7:24]  Zenith Sorbet: I have included landmarks to some stores I have found. I am not recommending anyone go and purchase these items just that these are places to go look.
[7:25]  Zenith Sorbet: 4) Should your patient purchase a scripted talking pregnancy?
[7:25]  Zenith Sorbet: I will put on the one I have which is the least obnoxious one.
[7:25]  Zenith Sorbet: In a word NO! Strongly discourage these. They are expensive, they are annoying, and they interrrupt role play. let me give the worst example.
[7:26]  Zenith Sorbet: I had a woman who had hers set to talk every couple of minutes and in the middle a raid her belly said "Mommy sits down to eat a cracker because she is hungry." Pregnant bellies don't talk in real life so why should role pay ones?
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: These things can be so obnoxious and annoying some sims including Vonda ban them.
[7:27]  Student #2: That happend to me maybe on my 4-5th day in SL on a raid, and i deraield the whole raid by asking if the woman had a pokemon in her stomach
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: The one I am wearing is not so bad.
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: It only talks every twenty minutes and does not have me doing anything but it is still disruptive.
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: It was a waste of my Lindens.
[7:28]  Zenith Sorbet: I also get a lot of questions about prim babies.
[7:28]  Zenith Sorbet: There are free prim babies readily available and many that can be purchased, I will demonstrate with the one I happen to like.
[7:28]  Zenith Sorbet: The package I've given you also has some free prim babies.
[7:28]  Zenith Sorbet: There is no need to purchase a prim baby. You can role play everything.
[7:29]  sh2 Birthing Cuddle Baby v1.5: (c)2008 sh2 Creations, All Rights Reserved. Use is governed by our Terms of Service (
[7:29]  Zenith Sorbet: This is heaven sent birthing baby.
[7:29]  Zenith Sorbet: It is about 600L if I recall correctly.
[7:29]  Zenith Sorbet: It is naked and I use it in delivery
[7:30]  Zenith Sorbet: It's adjustable and you can change hair, skin tone whatever.
[7:30]  Zenith Sorbet: and it cries the newborn cry when you touch it.
[7:30]  Student #1: i like the heaven send ones, my lil brother and sister are from there
[7:30]  Zenith Sorbet: I prefer to have mothers contact me in advance of their delivery so I can set the newborn correctly.
[7:31]  Zenith Sorbet: I once pulled out my baby and it was black with dark brown skin and the parents were both fair blue eyed blonds and the father got a bit upset.
[7:31]  Zenith Sorbet: I rp'd the baby looked dark from birthing fluid and changed everything.
[7:32]  sh2 Birthing Cuddle Baby v1.5: (c)2008 sh2 Creations, All Rights Reserved. Use is governed by our Terms of Service (
[7:32]  Zenith Sorbet: They also have a cuddle baby
[7:32]  sh2 Cuddle Baby v1.5: To gently rock the baby, type:   /7 rock
[7:32]  sh2 Cuddle Baby v1.5: (c)2008 sh2 Creations, All Rights Reserved. Use is governed by our Terms of Service (
[7:32]  Zenith Sorbet: It has clothes on.
[7:33]  Zenith Sorbet: I tell the mother we can use my naked baby for birthing and then switch to theirs to save some lindens
[7:33]  Zenith Sorbet: The only thing with this one is finding Gorean appropriate clothing.
[7:34]  Zenith Sorbet: For example this outfit with little airplanes is not Gorean appropriate.
[7:34]  Zenith Sorbet: Yes it is a very good product.
[7:34]  Zenith Sorbet: Maybe if enough people ask they will make a Gorean baby
[7:35]  Zenith Sorbet: The other thing to warn mothers about is depending on where their clothing is attached they may find that their skirt comes off when they pick up the baby.
[7:35]  Zenith Sorbet: Most women who rp pregnancy kind of know what to expect, morning sickness, dizzy spells crazy cravings
[7:36]  Baby Quan Stage 1: Is at the beginning stage of life, Mommy has to start eating Healthy.
[7:36]  Zenith Sorbet: They have either been pregnant themselves already or a close family friend has.
[7:36]  Zenith Sorbet: Some don't know and want the whole scoop.
[7:36]  Zenith Sorbet: So I have to describe to them about what to expect.
[7:37]  Zenith Sorbet: An easy way to do this is while you are talking to the mother type into your browser common pregnancy symptoms and then you have it all clearly laid out.
[7:37]  Zenith Sorbet: First month expect this, second month expect that
[7:38]  Zenith Sorbet: The pregnancy issue is the really common one. You rarely get other strictly female issues.
[7:38]  Zenith Sorbet: Gorean women are all very healthy
[7:38]  Zenith Sorbet: They have young strong bodies due to the stabilization serum
[7:38]  Zenith Sorbet: There is no mention of them menstruating either so I think the slave wine suppresses menstruation.
[7:39]  Zenith Sorbet: Free woman have access to a version of so called "slave wine" but it supposedly has no bitter flavor. I have no idea if that is true to the books or not.
[7:39]  Zenith Sorbet: It simply doesn't come up.
[7:39]  Zenith Sorbet: It makes sense that Free Women would take advantage of the effects of slave wine.
[7:40]  Zenith Sorbet: So you will not get women coming in with dysmenorhea
[7:40]  Zenith Sorbet: The only other female issue specifically mentioned in the book is frigidity.
[7:40]  Zenith Sorbet: Do you know the recommended cure?
[7:41]  Zenith Sorbet: The recommended treatment is to learn to dance like a slave girl.
[7:41]  STudent #2: lol
[7:41]  Zenith Sorbet: You will get collared for that if you do it public.
[7:42]  Zenith Sorbet: I tell women You don't do it in public.
[7:42]  Zenith Sorbet: I also say You probably don't even do it for your Free Companion in case it gets him thinking about collaring you.
[7:42]  Zenith Sorbet: the recommendation of learning slave dancing is in the books and it supposedly teaches a Free Woman to discover her sexuality and learn how to enjoy sex.
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: In the books women are all really slaves, just some have collars and some don't.
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: Free Woman are referred to as women who haven't yet been collared
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: And Free Women are only Free because Men wish them to be so.
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: Now I read a neat analysis about the populations in Gor and the estimate I saw was 60% of women are free.
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: I suspect because Free Women seem to be the ones who do the most nonmenial labor.
[7:44]  Zenith Sorbet: So I guess that is all I planned to cover today. Any questions or issues to discuss?
[7:44]  Student #1: to check out for an pregnancy, i need to do to PELVIC exam?
[7:45]  Zenith Sorbet: This kind of depends on the situation, the women and the time involved.
[7:45]  Zenith Sorbet: There is a simple nice table that has the animation for the position of a pelvic exam.
[7:45]  Zenith Sorbet: Do you have that one?
[7:46]  Zenith Sorbet: You do now.
[7:46]  Zenith Sorbet: You can have the woman use that and rp a pelvic exam.
[7:47]  Zenith Sorbet: Oh and I forgot one other thing. It IS by the books for a man to impregnate a slave, free her just before the birth, have her deliver his child, and then reenslave her.
[7:47]  Zenith Sorbet: Of course then he has to find a Free Woman to raise the child.
[7:48]  Zenith Sorbet: So it is By the book but Free Women get very upset about it, the slave who is pregnant takes a lot of abuse.
[7:49]  Zenith Sorbet: The normal way to breed slaves is to hood both the male and female and then neither ones knows who the other is.
[7:49]  Zenith Sorbet: This was considered great sport and often done as people observed.
[7:49]  Zenith Sorbet: Of course the slave girl has to have breeding wine given to her before hand or she won't get pregnant.
[7:50]  Zenith Sorbet: So that's it then.
[7:51]  Zenith Sorbet: Any qustions?
[7:51]  Baby Quan Stage 1: Is at the beginning stage of life, Mommy has to start eating Healthy.
[7:51]  Zenith Sorbet: questions
[7:51]  Zenith Sorbet: Ah there my pregnancy thingie just went off.
[7:51]  Zenith Sorbet: All right then I will make note of attendance. There is no practical for this class
[7:51]  Stdent #2: I've..sort of given a couple of pelvic exams but only from listening to someone bemoaning them do I really know much about it. When Im roleplaying it I usually ask them if they consent to a man doing it or if they just want to skip it. And then I put down in their files for it to be rececked later
[7:52]  Zenith Sorbet: Good point
[7:52]  Zenith Sorbet: Some women don't want a man doing it, some women really really want a man doing it.
[7:52]  Student #2: I've ran into both, neither one ended up happy lol
[7:52]  Zenith Sorbet: laughing
[7:53]  Student #2: Ok.. let me ask this ..and maybe this is a little deep buuut....I only know a very tiny bit about how to treat a pregnant woman who's injured..and yet always we have TONS of pregnant women fighting..
[7:54]  Zenith Sorbet: That's a good point to bring up.
[7:54]  Student #2: ..and then they get capped and even sometimes the people who have capped them threaten the baby
[7:54]  Zenith Sorbet: The general rule is, it is usually impossible to kill a baby without killing the mother as well.
[7:54]  Student #2: So any advice for treating a wounded mom?
[7:55]  Zenith Sorbet: A baby is very well protected inside there.
[7:55]  Zenith Sorbet: The only exception I can think of is sometimes of the mother has a very sudden stop after an aceleration, as in a car accident (which won't happen in Gor) or a fall from a height
[7:56]  Student #2: ok.. pregnant woman... tarn.. bad
[7:56]  Zenith Sorbet: Well if she falls off.
[7:56]  Zenith Sorbet: The placenta can be partly torn off the wall of the uterus
[7:56]  Zenith Sorbet: In early pregnancy this causes a miscarriage.
[7:56]  Student #2: owwwwww
[7:56]  Student #1: that would mean a long time jsut lay down, if not all is to late
[7:57]  Zenith Sorbet: in late pregnancy usually the bleeding is so heavy both mother and baby die.
[7:57]  Zenith Sorbet: I usually just rp looking for blood from the vagina, finding none and sighing with relief that baby is fine. I also check for a heart beat with my stethescope.
[7:57]  Zenith Sorbet: I never rp a pregnancy loss. The babies are always fine with one exception.
[7:58]  Zenith Sorbet: I had one woman whose companion had been killed and she didn't want to carry the baby to term. So I went along with rping that the baby was miscarried.
[7:58]  STudent #2: well.. I was told the books said it was common to collar a pregnant woman right before the birth to keep her in line, might not be a bad idea, ten free her aftward
[7:58]  Zenith Sorbet: laughing
[7:59]  Zenith Sorbet: Well yes but then there are other side effects of collaring her.
[7:59]  Student #2: but you also got to remember a FC gets enslaved the FC is broken and you have to redo it to o.o;
[7:59]  Zenith Sorbet: And her hating you forever and walking away when free
[7:59]  Zenith Sorbet: Or really really liking the feel of the collar and not wanting to be freed?
[8:00]  Student #2: lol
[8:00]  Zenith Sorbet: These are all possible consequences.
[8:00]  Zenith Sorbet: I would agree but in general pregnant women should do whatever they feel like doing and have always done.
[8:00]  Zenith Sorbet: I found during my RL pregnancies I reached a point where I was too big and clumsy to continue horse back riding for example. So I quit.
[8:00] Now if there are no more questions, we can call the class finished.

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