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Friday, July 22, 2011

6 - Lower Castes and Their Roles

       Lower  Castes  had many roles in Gor  ie ... Bakers , Weavers , Woodsmen , various merchants . There roles  were too important  to keep  the people  in Gor fed clothed & general maintanence .  The Caste system is just like on Urth  they have a class sytem .
it forms a structure that  has been followed since birth of ancestors . But the low caste are still very important  and we must not forget that . They too feel important  and  have given themselves caste colours too .  Many of the Lower Castes  would be quite wealthy too through the sales of their wares .
Without the low Caste the High Castes would not be clothed & Fed It is apparently one of the socially stabilizing forces on Gor. It tends to reduce the dislocations, disappointments and tragedies inherent in more mobile structures, in which men are taught that they are failures if they do not manage to make large amounts of money or excel in one of a small number of prestigious professions. The system also helps to keep men of energy and high intelligence in a wide variety of occupations, this preventing the drain of such men into a small number of often artificially desiderated occupations, this tending then to leave lesser men, or frustrated men, to practice other hundreds of arts the survival and maintenance of which are important to a superior civilization." (Dancer of Gor, p.186-7)

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