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Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 - Common Errors

[7:09]  Zenith Sorbet: Now today's class is on common on line-isms and errors. This isn't really so much about being a physician as it is about good rp.
[7:10]  Zenith Sorbet: Unfortunately I have had a few complaints sent to me about physicians making these errors so that's why I decided to add this class.
[7:10]  Zenith Sorbet: First is use of the term "birds" and IM.
[7:11]  Zenith Sorbet: All right birds. I have a cute thing I got an AccessorGor a while back.
[7:11]  Object: I'm A Messenger Vulo
[7:11]  Zenith Sorbet: See the "bird" and you can change the message.
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: Which is fine and fun and I love my bird, but it is incorrect rp.
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: If you think of "birds" you have to think of carrier pigeons. Carrier pigeons do not seek out specific people.
[7:12]  Zenith Sorbet: They fly "home".
[7:13]  Zenith Sorbet: So you can rp something like, "Notes the arrival of a messenger bird at the infirmary bird cage, if you are near the infirmary and run and check for a message.
[7:13]  Zenith Sorbet: But you shouldn't be saying things like "swats at multiple birds" or "shoots birds"
[7:14]  Zenith Sorbet: I have been trying to eliminate these myself and its hard.
[7:14]  Zenith Sorbet: But it does force you to me more creative. Our Administrator has developed an rp where he says "standing with a huge pile of scrolls trying to go through them" to indicate he's got a lot of IMs.
[7:15]  Zenith Sorbet: Being Administrator he tends to be swamped eveytime he comes on.
[7:18]  Zenith Sorbet: Now the use of the term "tarn" for tp is common AND acceptable.
[7:18]  Zenith Sorbet: But you shouldn't tp in and out where people can see you. So you leave the area and then tp in or out and only in a places where a tarn actually could land and take off.
[7:19]  Zenith Sorbet: While I am at it, House of Rau has a new product which is for ladies. It is a tarn with a rider and basket controlled by the passenger in the basket.
[7:19]  Zenith Sorbet: Another common error is unneccessary OOC.
[7:20]  Zenith Sorbet: For example, your slave crashes, you note in ((crashed)) to explain her vanishing.
[7:20]  Zenith Sorbet: Or your avatar draws a sword and slashes the sim owner and you frantically write ((AAKK!! Grandchild at keyboard)) This happened to Jarvis when he was High Scribe in Olni.
[7:21]  Zenith Sorbet: Fine sometimes you need this.
[7:21]  Zenith Sorbet: But when your slave comes back there is absolutely no need to continue with ((wb)) ((damn SL)) ((Need a better computer)) ((Try a Mac))
[7:21]  Zenith Sorbet: You see what I mean?
[7:22]  Zenith Sorbet: It is a violation of the sim OOC policy.
[7:22]  Zenith Sorbet: The same goes for IMs and use of chat groups.
[7:22]  Zenith Sorbet: Technically they are considered OOC and shouldn't be referred to in open chat.
[7:23]  Zenith Sorbet: You can say something like "I ran into one of my apprentices in the market and she said..."
[7:23]  Zenith Sorbet: But not "So and so sent me a bird just now"
[7:23]  Zenith Sorbet: These are subtle differences in rp technique that you learn with practice. I am trying very hard to better develop my own.
[7:24]  Zenith Sorbet: All right I have a nice card the scribes are working on I will pass out, while I do do any of you have any questions?
[7:25]  Zenith Sorbet: I am thinking we should write one for physicians.
[7:26]  Zenith Sorbet: laughs Lady Angel wrote this for her caste and they are planning on developing it as an education tool.
[7:26]  Zenith Sorbet: If either of you have any ideas for us let me know.
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: So let's go through it. I think the first is obvious.
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: Know the rules of the sim you are in. For example, in Vonda there are no panthers allowed.
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: So if you come marching into the infimary demanding treatment in a panther outfit you will be either collared or ejected and banned. And it will be no one's fault but your own.
[7:27]  Zenith Sorbet: Use aiiii instead of saying "yes" or only as an exclamation.
[7:28]  Zenith Sorbet: This one is a hard one and very common.
[7:28]  Zenith Sorbet: aiii is in the books. And "Aye" is a common formal affirmative common in Medieval sims.
[7:28]  Zenith Sorbet: I think that is the source of this one.
[7:29]  Zenith Sorbet: Norman wrote his translations of the Gorean into American Standard English. So for consistency we should try to use that I think.
[7:29]  Zenith Sorbet: However if Aye is common in one's use of English as in Scotland or certain regions of the Southern USA I would not say it is incorrect.
[7:29]  Zenith Sorbet: Call a scribe "Sir [his name]" This is very common and makes Jarvis growl.
[7:30]  Zenith Sorbet: Lady Zenith is correct but for men is not.
[7:30]  Zenith Sorbet: Sir whatever
[7:30]  Zenith Sorbet: Most often people in the books didn't use names at all.
[7:31]  Zenith Sorbet: Lower castes regarded names as having magical properties and you didn't use your "real" name and avoided names at all.
[7:31]  Zenith Sorbet: High Castes didn't have the superstition but would respect the lower castes.
[7:32]  Zenith Sorbet: Also you could tell at a glance what caste someone was by their colors so you can safely use terms like Tal Physician, or tal Lady Physician.
[7:32]  Zenith Sorbet: Another subtle point is that only Black and Scarlet were commonly called by Caste color.
[7:32]  Zenith Sorbet: So the use of the term "Green" or "Blue" while not technically incorrect is not really proper.
[7:33]  Zenith Sorbet: So it is Tal Scarlet or Tal Warrior but not "Tal Green" or "Tal Blue".
[7:33]  Zenith Sorbet: Our Administrator did tell me of an instance where Lady Aura used the term "Blue" very effectively.
[7:34]  Zenith Sorbet: The infirmary was crowded with injured warrors and she rp'd "Looks about for help to deal with the thrashing warrior, spots blue in a sea of red and shouts Blue Caste! Come hold this man!"
[7:35]  Zenith Sorbet: he thought is very good use of color. So it depends on context.
[7:35]  Zenith Sorbet: Insist a scribe must wear only kilts or he is not being Gorean. I laugh over this one.
[7:36]  Zenith Sorbet: Kilts are NOT Gorean. There was fade a while back of all the men showing off their legs with fine short kilts.
[7:36]  Zenith Sorbet: Fine short tunics are very nice but running around in a full MacKenzie plaid with the front furry pouch thing is not Gorean.
[7:37]  Zenith Sorbet: However nice it is to see leg.
[7:37]  Zenith Sorbet: Among the City men tunics were most common.
[7:37]  Zenith Sorbet: This one our Administrator took from an actual conversation he had. "Yo, bro in blue, LOL, good to see y'all especially your like, so hot FC, nice day IMHO."
[7:38]  Zenith Sorbet: He still talks about this one.
[7:38]  Zenith Sorbet: I think IMHO = in my humble opinion
[7:39]  Zenith Sorbet: LOL= laughing out loud
[7:40]  Zenith Sorbet: and in Gorean the term "hot" specifically referred to a very sexually responsive slave and was not a term for "beautiful" so to say "hot FC" would be grounds for challenge.
[7:41]  Zenith Sorbet: he said he replied "You are so obviously a complete beginner at Gor. Let me teach you before you get yourself killed."
[7:41]  Zenith Sorbet: And the person tp'd away.
[7:41]  Zenith Sorbet: next "the thought emote" Thought emote in the presence of scribe.
[7:41]  Zenith Sorbet: Used all the time especially by slaves who are confined in self expression.
[7:42]  Zenith Sorbet: Thinks sadly of her lost love. is a thought emote.
[7:42]  Zenith Sorbet: Looks suddenly sad and lost in thought, is not a thought emote and can lead to good rp.
[7:42]  Zenith Sorbet: How do you answer "thinks of lost love?"
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: But "looks sad you can rp "Lady you look unhappy, can I help?"
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: reading the profile should be obvious.
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: Oh yes term of sister between kajira. I have actually been given a quote which referred to "chain sister".
[7:43]  Zenith Sorbet: In the Books slaves did not like each other and cuddle up and call each other sister.
[7:44]  Zenith Sorbet: Sister is common in BDSM slave situations and in certain minority polygamous sects for wives of the same man. It is not Gorean.
[7:45]  Zenith Sorbet: In the books kajira compete intensely with one another for attention. They don't think of each other as sister only competition. The exception being the reference to "chain sister" as someone on the same chain as you, having the same Master.
[7:45]  Zenith Sorbet: Use terms like "little one" or "lil one" for slave girls which are not in the books.
[7:45]  Zenith Sorbet: Only used in situations of a warrior addressing his slave in most intimate moments. never used in public.
[7:46]  Zenith Sorbet: Also here in SL Gor everyone is justifiably paranoid about avoiding anything that might smack of kiddie porn or kiddie sex play.
[7:46]  Zenith Sorbet: Some even think we should get rid of the term "girl". However it is in the books but these were women not girls as in young women.
[7:47]  Zenith Sorbet: And we have already covered IMs so I will skip that one.
[7:47]  Zenith Sorbet: Any questions?
[7:47]  Zenith Sorbet: So I will just make a transcript and note attendance.

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