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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Administrative Decisions

Vosk River Region is a Roleplaying SIM
Fina is a Roleplaying city
(see Roleplaying 101)
I will be an In-Character, Roleplaying Administrator
If I'm not around you can leave me a just outside my office.
Therefore, all In-Character decisions will be handled In-Character
This is not just for problems because I don’t want this to be negative
   >  If your Character has a suggestion, I want to hear it.
   >  If your Character has a question, I will do my best to answer it
   >  If your Character has a problem, I will do my best to help
You may not always like my answer - but I will never lie to you
My answer to you may be . . . No
I may not be able to give you the answer you because you don’t need to know
If your Character has a problem, there are three levels of authority in the city
   1)  The Magistrate
          >  It is the Magistrate’s responsibility to investigate and prosecute wrong doing
   2)  The High Council
          >  The High Council will hear appeals of the Magistrate’s decisions
   3)  The Administrator
          >  The Administrator is the tie-breaker in Council split decisions, the final say and last word
The Administrator is NOT a Ubar
   I will not override a majority decision of the High Council

I said I don’t want this to be negative, but I must mention a couple things
   >  If you have a problem, I advise you to approach me In-Character
   >  If you insist on taking a Character problem OOC - be prepared for the consequences as the knife can cut both ways

The Administrator has the final say on the validity of all RP events
   This means, even while trying your best to stay In-Character, you feel the RP was invalid You have the right to call for a Mod to look into the situation
Silly Example to prove a point
   Fred_of_Ar captures you
   You go along with the RP for a while
   He then *wraps you with Wonder Woman’s Lasso* and is expecting that you cannot help but tell him the truth about Fina’s defenses
If you don’t agree with the decision of the Mod, I will make the final decision

The Administrator has the final say on all disiplinary actions taken

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