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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apprentice Traing Program

The current proposal calls for ten classes covering basic background knowledge and role play. Also each apprentice will be assigned some specific project decided upon by the Chief Scribe of their city specific to the needs of their city.
Program for scribes
1) Laws/Rules interpretation-Gorean Council based on enclosed notecard, plus structure of the Scribe Caste subcastes, first knowledge/second knowledge
2) Free Companionship
What they are and how to do them, preparing contract counceling couples, types of ceremononies, dissolving a contract
3) Library-What is needed for it, how to run it
4) Record keeping-what it is and how to do it
5) Map making, the role of geographers in Gor
6) Moderating role play
7) Being a diplomat/Amassador
8) The role of Magistrate (what the types are, what the training is, detalls of Gorean legal system)
9) Homestone ceremony-laws/history around homestones
10) Citizenship applications

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