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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apprentice Scribe Training 20090307

Vonda's apprentice scribe series begins again this week with Gorean Governance.

The apprentice scribe series consists of nine classes giving an introduction to various aspects of the scribe caste including what scribes are, how they work within Gorean government and different roles scribes can have in Gor. Class also addresses many commonly held on linisms such "Scribes don't carry weapons." and "You need a scribe to get FC'd."
1) Gorean Governance/Social Structure
2) Free Companionship Ceremonies
3) Library - Creating maintaining a library
4) Record keeping
5) The fighting scribes of Gor: Map makers and Geographers.
6) Moderating role play
7) Diplomat/Ambassador role
8) Magistrate, training and types
9) Citizenship applications/Home stone ceremony.
Classes are taught on a twice a week basis rotating schedule Thursdays at 10:00am and 7:00ppm SLT (RL permitting).
Classes are not restricted to scribes, all interested persons may attend. You do not have to attend the classes in order. Each class is independant.
Classes are conducted OOC in the safe zone of Vonda City so free women and slaves do not require escorts.
Classes will be taught by different members of the scribe caste.
In Vonda apprentice scribes are certified when they have completed the following:
A: Attended all classes
B: Completed a Thesis project - apprentices who have an idea of where they wish to work and practice as scribes should meet with the Head of Scribe Caste and decide on a project. The project must do three things-
i) Fill a need of the City
ii) Be of interest to the apprentice
iii) Demonstrate on completion competance in chosen field. (Obviously due to nature of variable work in the scribe caste, projects will vary as well.)
Upon successful completion of all classes and a project, Vonda scribes can apply to be promoted. Promotion must be approved by the Caste Head in Vonda.
In the event a Gorean community does not have a Head of Scribe Caste but wishes to train someone, Vonda will be happy to assist. Sim owners/Ubars/Administrators should contact me directly as we will be happy to arrange a thesis project with you.
Jarvis Quan
Acting Head of Blue Caste of Gor
Administrator of Vonda
Faculty Gorean University of Scrolls

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