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Friday, July 22, 2011


1. Walk with Honour always. We are the most technologically advanced Caste on Gor, and a High Caste as well... this Honour means responsibility.Regarding War
2. In times of War, a Physician is non-combatant. If the Warriors are the swords and shields defending the Homestone, we are the blacksmiths that keep the blade sharp and bucklar strong. If this non-combatant status is disregarded in times of war, the Caste will declare the transgressor Anethema.
3. When a Freeperson is declared Anethema, he is forbidden care from any who wear the Green. In times of war, his bones will not be mended... in times of peace his diseases will not be treated.
4. A Physician will not initiate combat. To do so shames the Caste and invites violation of our status. Transgressors will lose their Practice.
Regarding Practice
5. A Physician's right to perform our art is called the Practice. A Physician may only begin his Practice once his training is complete. Unlike a Warrior who can take battlescars or a Scribe who can re-write a scroll, Physicians who fail in their duties can kill their patient.
6. A Freewoman of the Caste is permitted have a Practice. However, for reasons relating to the propagation of the Caste, a Freewoman is not allowed a Full Practice until she has born two children. A Freewoman upon the beginning of her training has locked on her left wrist Two bracelets. When the woman bears a child, one bracelet is removed.
Regarding Responsibility
7. A Physician's responsibilities are as follows in descending priority:
1) The General Health of Gor
2) The General Health of one's proximity.
3) One's Homestone
4) The Health of an individual

If your Homestone is Port Cos, and one is in Ar... his responsibility is to the general health of Ar.. War or no War. Physicians within an army are concidered in proximity of their army, not the city it sieges.
8. One of the responsibilities of a Physician is that of advice. Any Freeperson (or slave with proper permission) may come to a Physician and seek his advice. They can expect reasonable secrecy and discretion, the Physician's Confidence. He may discuss matters of Physician's Confidence with other Physicians, and only other Physicians. He must have the consent of the one asking of his advice before discussing it with anyone not of the Green. Matters of Physician's Confidence cannot be used for selfish gain.
9. Sometimes a patient will need to be kept in the care of a Physician for some extended period of time. A Physician connot enslave a Freeperson in his care, nor can he allow the patient to be enslaved.
10. If it is in the interest of greater health, a Physician can enact Euthanasia. An example is in the case of a fatal epidemic or plague. The killing of a violent mass murderer is not... that is the province of Warriors.
11. Alieviate suffering, stop pain, be an agent of Mercy. The Priest-Kings have blessed us with many gifts to bring Mercy to the sick, wounded, suffering. Use them as such.
12.  To do no harm...except in the cases where You, Your Patient or Your Property may come to harm.  You may not spar, except where it is excerise and done in fun.

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