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Thursday, July 21, 2011

7 - Ambassador

7 - Ambassador Class

Bright Oldrich
Jarvis Quan
Marci Torok
Marcellus Scribe
Alexander Wardark
Neo Banufong
hurtme Waco
Charisma Sabra
Videtta Kiranov
ginny Noyes

[10:09]  Videtta Kiranov: tal all I am lady videtta kiranov chief blue of tyros and long time ambassador
[10:10]  Videtta Kiranov: i hope this day finds you well, but have a seat we have a lot to go through
[10:10]  Videtta Kiranov: Ginny will be assisting me in this class
[10:11]  Videtta Kiranov: What is an ambassador, and what are their duties. Ambassadors are responsibile for cross sim rp
[10:11]  Humus Thor: Excuse me
[10:11]  Videtta Kiranov: these duties include forming allianes, declaring war and general communication with other sims
[10:11]  Videtta Kiranov: yes sir
[10:12]  Videtta Kiranov: on an ooc note ambassadors represent the sim owners and administration to other sims. we do a lot of the ooc work so that it increases the roleplay for everyon. We ensure that the rules and laws of the other sims are honored and that they know our rules for when they visit or raid.
[10:13]  Videtta Kiranov: Language and ettiquete.
[10:13]  Videtta Kiranov: Gorean law protects ambassadors under the flag of diplomacy even when entereing a city we are at war with.
[10:14]  Videtta Kiranov: when we are in a state meeting it is better to be polit and formal. Particularly if you go to the souther cities.
[10:14]  Videtta Kiranov: It is also encouraged to dress conserfvatively. For the men that means wearing a shirt for the women I encourage full robes of concealment for the following reasons.
[10:15]  Videtta Kiranov: You will be respected in every city if you are totally concealed
[10:15]  IM: Wyn Nitely: is on her way to fix the dolphin fountain.
[10:15]  Videtta Kiranov: you increase the curiousity of the ubar and the busy administrators as they wonder what is under the tent.
[10:15]  Jarvis Quan: chuckles
[10:15]  Videtta Kiranov: you can freely study the ubars and administrators watching their body language and eye movement and they will not be able to read you at all.
[10:16]  Videtta Kiranov: it really does make a big difference in negotiationis.
[10:16]  Videtta Kiranov: and it is very very gorean. in the books there were several female ambassadors.
[10:17]  Videtta Kiranov: the diplomatic negotations are some of the highest level of rp, because sometimes this is the only time the sim owners get to rp.
[10:17]  Videtta Kiranov: with the right language and formality you can get away with insulting an ubar and they will thank you.
[10:17]  Videtta Kiranov: slaves and assitants
[10:18]  Videtta Kiranov: having help is helps you keep track of the cities you are working with
[10:19]  Videtta Kiranov: reds it is the honor and the duty of all reds to gaurd ambassadors. However, for some reason, most warriors find state meetings between blues boring and want to kill themselves after a coupole of minutes of talking....
[10:19]  Alexander Wardark: grins
[10:19]  Videtta Kiranov: so in sl it is sometimes hard to find a warrior willing to travel with you. It does not matter if you are male or female usually ambassadors are blue caste and should have a gaurd with them when they travel.
[10:20]  Videtta Kiranov: scribal slaves....they are very important
[10:20]  Videtta Kiranov: they can nc the talks for you
[10:20]  Videtta Kiranov: serve
[10:20]  Jarvis Quan: laughs
[10:20]  Videtta Kiranov: they can fill out standard treaties if you have more than one city at the time
[10:20]  Videtta Kiranov: that leaves you free to rp and to talk to the other cities and negotiate.
[10:21]  Videtta Kiranov: gaurd kajirus. these are controvertial....they are btb and quite common in the books. but many sims do not recognize a slave carrying weapons.
[10:21]  Videtta Kiranov: however, they will replace the reds if you need gaurding. since most warriors do not find blues talking politics interesting.
[10:22]  Videtta Kiranov: and it adds a lot more depth to the roles of kajirus
[10:22]  Videtta Kiranov: when you city gets several other contacts you will need an assistant ambassador
[10:22]  Videtta Kiranov: these will bring in their own cities that they know and have contact with.]
[10:23]  Videtta Kiranov: help you manage your network. but you need to keep in constant contact so that you are aware of the status of each city you are working with.
[10:23]  Videtta Kiranov: cities there are five different types of cities
[10:23]  Alexander Wardark: nods
[10:23]  Videtta Kiranov: you can find a list of cities at the hub
[10:23]  Videtta Kiranov: or using search on sl
[10:24]  Videtta Kiranov: i send my slaves to the cities to get the laws and some general scouting to find out if the city is compatable to rp with tyros you can do the same or go yourself
[10:24]  Videtta Kiranov: the first kind of city is btb or back to book city
[10:24]  Videtta Kiranov: these usually have no female mercenaries
[10:25]  Videtta Kiranov: will try very hard to be gorean by the books
[10:25]  Videtta Kiranov: usually have a city and their warriors will follow the code of honor
[10:25]  Videtta Kiranov: they might have panthers or talunas on the sim
[10:25]  Videtta Kiranov: female mercenaries...usually mercenary outposts
[10:25]  Videtta Kiranov: huge armies a lot of army in the mercenaries
[10:26]  Videtta Kiranov: many cities will not rp with female mercenaries
[10:26]  Videtta Kiranov: lifestyle sim these are sims that are closed to rp negotiations.
[10:26]  Videtta Kiranov: they want to be within themseles
[10:26]  Videtta Kiranov: they can be very active and have a lot of members
[10:26]  Videtta Kiranov: though the red caste is limited to enforcing laws within the city instead of raiding.
[10:27]  Videtta Kiranov: and finally gay gor sims
[10:27]  Videtta Kiranov: they will allow openly gay behaivior in their sims....even though it isn;t btb
[10:27]  Videtta Kiranov: they usually do not allow female mercenaries, and are really close to btb except for the homosexuality.
[10:28]  Videtta Kiranov: and usually have the most amazing rp. it is up to your cities and your alliances whether you will deal with a sim that allows openly homosexual behaiviro.
[10:28]  Videtta Kiranov: embassy
[10:28]  Videtta Kiranov: if you have an ambassador your should have an embassy. it usually winds up being the most used official building in the city.
[10:29]  Videtta Kiranov: it should have easy access to the sim entry point so that visiting dignataries do not have far to walk
[10:29]  Videtta Kiranov: it should be luxurious and decorated very sumptuously....have a kajira or two to serve. and an ability to ensure privacy.
[10:30]  Videtta Kiranov: not all talks that happen should be done in the tavern particularly when you are talking about banned lists.
[10:30]  Videtta Kiranov: people can and should know someone is banned but not all of the time why that person was banned....
[10:31]  Videtta Kiranov: spies....
[10:31]  Videtta Kiranov: yes the gray caste does exist and the spies are usually directed by the ambassador
[10:31]  Videtta Kiranov: male spies advantages
[10:31]  Videtta Kiranov: they can defend themselves
[10:31]  Videtta Kiranov: and they are able to infiltrate the reds adn teh command centers of the reds...
[10:32]  Videtta Kiranov: the disadvantage is that it is harder for them to win the trust of a city.
[10:32]  Videtta Kiranov: a lot of cities distrust males...though if the spy is also a green that helps out a lot.
[10:33]  Videtta Kiranov: as a result it may not be easy for them to get the information at the highest level that is needed.
[10:33]  Videtta Kiranov: female spies can play many roles
[10:33]  Videtta Kiranov: they can be a free woman kajira or panther
[10:33]  Videtta Kiranov: usually cities will trust a woman more readily than a man
[10:33]  Videtta Kiranov: which means they can wind up at high level meetings quickly. if only as a server.
[10:34]  Videtta Kiranov: disadbantages are of course they are half the size of men and can not fight,
[10:34]  Videtta Kiranov: and most sims have weaker female rules applied.
[10:34]  Videtta Kiranov: what can spies do
[10:34]  Videtta Kiranov: gather information
[10:35]  Videtta Kiranov: spread rumors and of course acts of terrorisim and undermining the government
[10:36]  Videtta Kiranov: you may make reports on their findings but the details do not need to be passed on as to how you got the information or why there was a sound outbreak of bazi in port kar. just that there was an outbreak of bazi in port kar...
[10:36]  Videtta Kiranov: diplomatic agreements
[10:36]  Videtta Kiranov: for ease of rp and to stream line the process i have divided cities into 5 categories
[10:37]  Videtta Kiranov: ally, friendly, neutral ,hostile
[10:37]  Videtta Kiranov: allies are cities that you have signed a treaty with. that encourages trade and travel and mutual protection. you can point to that city and say ladies you may visit that city freely without fear.
[10:37]  Videtta Kiranov: (other than of course the stand gorean fear)
[10:38]  Videtta Kiranov: friendly, you have started talks but nothing has been formalized. usually there is travel of merchants and warriors and you start to come to each others aid but nothing is put in writing yet
[10:39]  Videtta Kiranov: neutral cities all of the cities you do not know about yet...or the cities you have just made contact with....or the ones you know about and have not yet approached. they can go either way
[10:39]  Videtta Kiranov: hostile a city that has raided you or you have raided.....restricted travel, and the talks will either lead to peace or war.
[10:40]  Videtta Kiranov: at war cities in which you have formally declared war on these include the rules of the war and what you will allow and not allow restricted travel.
[10:40]  Videtta Kiranov: remember ambassadors can travel to any city even ones you are at war with without fear of being arrested....
[10:41]  Videtta Kiranov: treaty i have a standard blank treat
[10:41]  Videtta Kiranov: ginny can you pass out the treaty to the free please
[10:41]  ginny Noyes yes, my Mistress, as she gathers the scroll and starts handing it out
[10:42]  Videtta Kiranov: this is the starting point for treaty negotiations. I am able to take the blank one to all meetings etc and fillin the blanks. then i can customize and change it as i need to for each circumstance
[10:42]  Alexander Wardark: mmmmm, very interesting
[10:42]  Videtta Kiranov: but having a standard treaty as a starting point you can then move on to more detail and let the other city put in their input.
[10:43]  Videtta Kiranov: War agreements....ginny if you could pass out the war agreement when you are done with the treaty
[10:43]  Videtta Kiranov: this too is a starting point. it allows for the rules of engagement of both parties to be attached. it also will allow for big things like how many tarns and what you need to bring a tarn to that city.
[10:44]  Videtta Kiranov: for example tyros will only allow 2 attacking tarns and it must be rp that they were loaded onto a ship and off loaded at least most of the way there.
[10:44]  Videtta Kiranov: because tyros is 400 passangs out to see it is impossible to fly a tarn that far. and have them worth anything when they get there.
[10:45]  Videtta Kiranov: it can also limit animals such as varts etc and how many times a day there can be a raid on either side and hwo many moderators need to be present whethere there needs to be a mod for both sides etc...all of the ooc stuff to ensure that there is rp instead of just a waste of time.
[10:45]  Videtta Kiranov: finally there is the more informalt raid notice
[10:45]  Videtta Kiranov: ginny can you hand out the raid notice
[10:46]  Videtta Kiranov: this is filled out by the first sword or raid commander
[10:46]  Videtta Kiranov: not the ambassador
[10:46]  Videtta Kiranov: it is delivered to the city or camp you are raiding.....and it should have a copy of the roe of your city and the roe of the city you are raiding to let the leaders of that city know that at least the raid commander read the laws.
[10:47]  Videtta Kiranov: it is usually filed at the end with the embassy so that the hostile status may be changed on the board as needed but it is the job of the reds to fill it out. they can give it in the middle of a raid so that the element of surprise is there, but this just helops with some of the ooc formalities.
[10:48]  Videtta Kiranov: finally some additional stuff...
[10:48]  Videtta Kiranov: other language sims...get a good translator and wear it...but more to the point.
[10:49]  Videtta Kiranov: if there is someone on your sim that speaks the language of the sim you want to make contact with take them with you. it will at the very least promote good will and let the other language sim know you are open to other people and languages and wish to be on friendly terms
[10:49]  Videtta Kiranov: Ambassadors summits
[10:50]  Videtta Kiranov: i encourage all cities to host them and make them ooc events inviting all ambassadors whether they follow your rules or not this allows you to meet other people from other sims promote cross sim rp and discuss some big issues that are addressing gor as a whole like newbies etc...
[10:51]  Videtta Kiranov: to find out which sims are more newbie friendly etc and it gives your city an opportunity to show off their city and promote more traffic to your sim.
[10:51]  Alexander Wardark: mmm
[10:51]  Videtta Kiranov: and above all else have fun.....the more fun you have the more fun the people you represent will have.
[10:51]  Videtta Kiranov: smiles
[10:51]  Videtta Kiranov: well that is the end of my rant is there any questions or comments.
[10:51]  Jarvis Quan: nods
[10:52]  Alexander Wardark: briliant presentation !
[10:52]  Videtta Kiranov: thank you
[10:52]  Jarvis Quan: My comment is a superb lecture Lady and my new Ambassdor and I have been exchanging IMs about implementing some of your ideas already.
[10:52]  Videtta Kiranov: ginny will nc the class and give a copy to all that wish a copy of the class
[10:52]  Videtta Kiranov: you see scribal slaves don;t leave home without them.
[10:52]  Videtta Kiranov: thank you

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