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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magistrates Class #7 5th of July 2010

Mag course Case Study...the Plot
Sir Willis and Lady Hamble have been discovered plotting an abduction in im. The Lady showed an nc of the discussion to her friend Lady Martina. Lady Martina immediately reported the information to the Admin. The Admin had a warrent issued  against them both for treason. They have ended up in court.
This is the notecard,
Sir Willis: Yes so we can grab the High Scribe whilst Shes in the library.
Lady Hamble: aye, ill have the mercs waiting there.
Sir Willis: It will make a good rp story.
Lady Hamble: Yes and hopefully scare Her a bit too, ill make sure she's not hurt....too badly.
Sir Willis: Just because You hate her, there's no need to make it nasty, just kidnap Her and demand ransom.
Lady Hamble: Oh i shall not break any Laws Sir.
Sir Willis: Its best not to tell anyone else at this stage.
Lady Hamble: Then i wont, we shall keep it secret til the time comes, the mercs will do the rest.
Sir Willis: laughs "aye they will have some fun, im sure." I'll make sure the gate is clear and open at the agreed time.
Lady Hamble: Shouldnt be hard, just send the Guard on an errand.
Sir Willis: right, so its all sorted, be well Lady Hamble.
Lady Hamble: Be well Sir, i cant wait for the day, it will be so funny.

[14:00] janette Inglewood: welcome Everyone
[14:01] janette Inglewood: this is Olni court
[14:01] janette Inglewood: and welcome to Magistrates course...week 7
[14:01] janette Inglewood: today we have a nice little trial
[14:08]  janette Inglewood: everyone have the case study?
[14:08]  Kati Evans: No
[14:09]  janette Inglewood: please pass Kati a copy
[14:09]  Kati Evans accepted your inventory offer.
[14:09]  janette Inglewood: now as You is a discussion
[14:09]  janette Inglewood: there are one or two pitfalls so be careful
[14:10]  janette Inglewood: also....lets be nice and quick
[14:10]  janette Inglewood: so....i need a Magistrate.....volunteer
[14:11]  janette Inglewood looks around
[14:11]  Shayne Aridian: I
[14:11]  Shayne Aridian: I would volunteer
[14:11]  Tali Ceriano: I can't because I'm too conflicted about it
[14:11]  Shayne Aridian: though I have serious questions about this
[14:12]  janette Inglewood: Shayne is Magistrate
[14:12]  Arcturus Xavorin: I coudl be the magistrate
[14:12]  Able Macbain: isnt conflicted at all about it
[14:12]  janette Inglewood: Prosecution?
[14:12]  Arcturus Xavorin: but shayne is the best
[14:12]  Shayne Aridian: sitcks his tongue out at Arcturus
[14:12]  Nebula Rae: is the case about treason?
[14:12]  Shayne Aridian: OOC of course
[14:13]  janette Inglewood: the Plot
[14:13]  Arcturus Xavorin: eh eh
[14:13]  Nebula Rae: yes, thankyou Lady Jan
[14:13]  Arcturus Xavorin: sint this about beans?
[14:13]  janette Inglewood: no
[14:13]  janette Inglewood: that is the advocate course
[14:13]  Arcturus Xavorin: ah
[14:13]  Arcturus Xavorin: laughs
[14:13]  Arcturus Xavorin: sighs alright
[14:13]  Arcturus Xavorin: i knowhat the case i
[14:13]  janette Inglewood: so prosecution please?
[14:13]  Arcturus Xavorin: i can prosecute
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: Arc it is
[14:14]  Axion Verne: Tal, my apologies for lateness.
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: defence?
[14:14]  Hannah Mandrake: @
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: yes Hannah?
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: You volunteering?
[14:14]  Hannah Mandrake: i was offering as defense
[14:14]  Arcturus Xavorin grumbles
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: good Hannah Defence
[14:14]  Shayne Aridian: This chair is too is the "ohn the Baptist" evvect
[14:15]  Shayne Aridian: effect
[14:15]  janette Inglewood: next..Sir Willis
[14:15]  Crusader Arado: i will
[14:15]  janette Inglewood: Crus is Sir Willis
[14:16]  janette Inglewood: Lady Hamble?
[14:16]  Tali Ceriano: I will play her
[14:16]  janette Inglewood: Tali is Lady Hamble
[14:16]  janette Inglewood: Lady Martina?
[14:16]  Briny Ninetails: @
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: Briny is Lady Martina
[14:17]  Briny Ninetails nods and smiles
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: and finally the Admin?
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: oh and maybe the High Scribe
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: hmmm
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: lets see if they are called
[14:18]  janette Inglewood: forget them
[14:18]  janette Inglewood: right then...everyone ready?
[14:18]  Tali Ceriano: *nods*
[14:18]  Shayne Aridian: aye
[14:18]  janette Inglewood: then i hand my court over to Magistrate Shayne
[14:18]  Shayne Aridian: bangs the gavel
[14:18]  Arcturus Xavorin: he si a bit off his place no?
[14:18]  Arcturus Xavorin: ravacii wagonp people
[14:18]  Shayne Aridian: this court is now in session
[14:18]  Arcturus Xavorin: =soth of gor
[14:18]  Arcturus Xavorin: near tahari
[14:19]  Shayne Aridian: will the parties please identify themselves for the record?
[14:19]  Arcturus Xavorin: ((sorry worng box))
[14:20]  Shayne Aridian: Hello...anyone there?
[14:20]  Arcturus Xavorin: Arcturs Cavorin
[14:20]  Arcturus Xavorin: for the Prossecution
[14:20]  Arcturus Xavorin: *xavorin
[14:20]  Axion Verne: *smiles*
[14:20]  Shayne Aridian: All right
[14:21]  Shayne Aridian: Prosecutor, what are the charges that bring you before me today?
[14:21]  Arcturus Xavorin rises from His chair, and speaks.
[14:23]  Arcturus Xavorin: I bring proof , undeniable, that this woman, He sayus pointing to LAdy Hamble and her cohort were plotting to cause injury to a memebr of th ehigh council.
[14:23]  Arcturus Xavorin: As such i hope to prove her guilty of treason.
[14:23]  Shayne Aridian: And what is this evidence? And how was it obtained?
[14:24]  Shayne Aridian: don't present the case...characterize the basis for charges
[14:24]  Arcturus Xavorin nods.
[14:24]  Crusader Arado: grins as he hears the lady accused but not himself and thinks this is going pretty well so far
[14:25]  Arcturus Xavorin: THe defendant confided to someone of her trust, that she and tha tman over there were planning, wiht the aid of some mercenaries,. to abduct the high scribe
[14:25]  Shayne Aridian: Youare presenting a case
[14:26]  Shayne Aridian: I am asking about thenature of the evidence
[14:26]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. YOur honor i have answered that
[14:26]  Shayne Aridian: let me be direct
[14:26]  Arcturus Xavorin: It was obtained forma third party
[14:27]  Shayne Aridian: yousay that the defendant told her of a conversation....was it an open conversation in-character?
[14:29]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. The conversatio was mostly in im. If it was in character o not, that woudl be up to the actual people who said it. However and for the sake of logisitcs i think it is safe that the conversation toook place aftet some roleplay weas developed
[14:29]  Arcturus Xavorin: and that same conversation lead ot relplay
[14:29]  Arcturus Xavorin: as such i woudo consider it in cahgracter
[14:29]  Axion Verne: *frowns, thinking the case cannot be brought if the treason was planned OOC*
[14:29]  Shayne Aridian: but that would be speculation....and how did the actual charges come about?
[14:30]  Arcturus Xavorin: well your honor the issue is if it was actually ooc then it shoudl ahve never been palnned ooc
[14:30]  Arcturus Xavorin: becasue ims are not supposed ot be about roleplay
[14:30]  Arcturus Xavorin: and obviously it was
[14:30]  Arcturus Xavorin: and another thign
[14:31]  Arcturus Xavorin: it was reported to seomeone
[14:31]  Arcturus Xavorin: we got this evidence fomr another person
[14:31]  Arcturus Xavorin: the defendant showed this to someone else outside im
[14:31]  Arcturus Xavorin: so it became rp
[14:31]  Shayne Aridian: but if the basis for a report to the administrator was something that was only known through out of character channels and then reported as hearsay and not personal knowledge, then a trial would be inappropriate
[14:31]  janette Inglewood (OOC):  this is an IC convo reported directly by a third person who was told of it
[14:32]  Arcturus Xavorin: ((lady martina showed thsi nc))
[14:32]  Crusader Arado: how would we know the thrid person didnt get the info in IM as well
[14:33]  Shayne Aridian: looks at the notecard.....and is this the transcript of an in-character conversation?
[14:33]  janette Inglewood: ask them in the witness stand
[14:33]  Arcturus Xavorin: ((imagineu tellignur best frined abotu somehtign you spoke wiiht someone else and then your bst friend ratting out on u))
[14:35]  : Shayne Aridian OOC : This is where I have questions about this case. So much cdamage can be done if something OOC is misconstrued as in-character and then acted on. I would be inclined to call the infoormation taineted by OOC and disallow a trial
[14:35]  Arcturus Xavorin: :;winks at the defence and blos her a kiss mouthing later sweetheart :)
[14:35]  Arcturus Xavorin: ((sorry shayne btut hat woudl be the jib of a moderator not a magistrate))
[14:36]  Shayne Aridian: all right...for the sake of argument, Arcturus, present your case
[14:36]  Arcturus Xavorin: *defence ADVOCATE lol
[14:36]  Shayne Aridian: \callyour first witness
[14:36]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. AYe Your honor
[14:36]  Crusader Arado: raises a brow at the prosecution and wonders if the lady paid off the prosecution finding new respect for her
[14:36]  Karisima Stein: I object to the affection showing in the court.. Scandalous!
[14:37]  Nebula Rae wonders if the Admin is a Moderator of the Sim...
[14:37]  Arcturus Xavorin snorts. we are companions
[14:37]  Karisima Stein: Point being?
[14:37]  Karisima Stein: This is Gor . Such is scandalous even if FC'd
[14:37]  Arcturus Xavorin: I call Lady Martina to the stand
[14:38]  Crusader Arado: gets a bit worried at posible confict of interest and hopes the Layd really wears the pants in the family
[14:38]  Shayne Aridian: order!
[14:38]  Arcturus Xavorin: ;cosughs
[14:38]  Arcturus Xavorin coughs
[14:39]  Arcturus Xavorin: Dear Lady woudl you tell the court who your are, please'
[14:39]  Briny Ninetails: I am Lady Martina
[14:39]  Crusader Arado: grins and says this is going great!! so far, we should be wraped up and knee deep in bosk steak and paga shortly
[14:40]  Arcturus Xavorin: YOua re the frined of Lady Hamble
[14:40]  Arcturus Xavorin: ?
[14:41]  Nebula Rae more like WAS the friend......haha
[14:41]  Briny Ninetails: We are acquaintances, perhaps you could call us friends...we see each other often
[14:41]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. Lady cna you tell us what you told the Administrator?
[14:42]  Briny Ninetails hears the woman mumble
[14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin lifts an eyebrow
[14:43]  Shayne Aridian: looks pontedly at the defendant
[14:43]  Crusader Arado: crosses his arms with a grin and hopes a cat fight breaks out, perfect he mumbles!!
[14:43]  Arcturus Xavorin: Lady Brinny
[14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin: did you hear my question?
[14:44]  Briny Ninetails: Oh sorry, I was distracted
[14:44]  Briny Ninetails: Yes, what I told the Administrator
[14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. Aye wjat was it you told the Amdin
[14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin: *Admin
[14:45]  Briny Ninetails: The Lady Hamble was gloating and told me she knew something that was going to happen to the Head Scribe
[14:45]  Arcturus Xavorin nods.Oh?
[14:45]  Arcturus Xavorin: And what else did she say'
[14:46]  Briny Ninetails: We were in the market and the Head Scribe walked by
[14:46]  Briny Ninetails: she had her head in the air
[14:46]  Briny Ninetails: and Lady Hamble said she won't be so proud soon
[14:46]  Briny Ninetails: I called her on her made-up tales
[14:47]  Briny Ninetails: but she said she had proof
[14:47]  Briny Ninetails: that is when she showed me the notecard
[14:47]  Briny Ninetails: I saw that this was more than idle gossip
[14:47]  Arcturus Xavorin: And what was int he scroll?»
[14:47]  Briny Ninetails: I feared the Head Scribe would be hurt
[14:47]  Briny Ninetails: yes, the scroll that I turned over to the adminsitrator
[14:48]  Shayne Aridian: leans forward to the testimony
[14:48]  Briny Ninetails: I didn't want to have any knowledge of such action without reporting it
[14:48]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. At thsi point you must have been concerned.
[14:48]  Arcturus Xavorin: And upon seing this alleged proof of a plot youi reacted
[14:48]  Briny Ninetails: the scroll was a recording a conversation between Lady hamble and Sir Willis
[14:48]  Arcturus Xavorin nods.,
[14:48]  Briny Ninetails: yes
[14:49]  Briny Ninetails: they were plotting against the Head Scribe
[14:49]  Arcturus Xavorin: did your friend Lady Hamble confirm that the written rrecord ogf what was said
[14:49]  Arcturus Xavorin: corresponded to her own owrds?
[14:49]  Briny Ninetails: she did confirm that it is indeed true and the plan is going into action
[14:50]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. One last question do you know Sir Willis?
[14:51]  Arcturus Xavorin: ((the accomplice))
[14:51]  Briny Ninetails: No, I do not know Sir Willis
[14:51]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. Veryw ell, I have no further questions at this time
[14:52]  Briny Ninetails bows her head
[14:52]  Shayne Aridian: Defense? Cross examination?
[14:52]  Shayne Aridian: proceed
[14:53]  Briny Ninetails: I do not know Sir Willis at all and could not speak to his intent, only that of Lady Hamble
[14:53]  Shayne Aridian: All right
[14:53]  Shayne Aridian: I have one question....
[14:54]  Arcturus Xavorin frowns wondering what other possible meanign it mgith have
[14:55]  Crusader Arado: grins knowing they stopped anything before anything was done and knowing whats coming next
[14:55]  Shayne Aridian: all right
[14:55]  Briny Ninetails: the prior conversation with Lady Hamble indicated that something was planned against the High Scribe
[14:56]  Crusader Arado: laughs without meaning too
[14:56]  Crusader Arado: oh Aye!! it was indeed he laughs harder
[14:56]  Shayne Aridian: Looking down to the witness
[14:56]  Shayne Aridian: youare excused Lady
[14:56]  Briny Ninetails: thank you, your Honor
[14:57]  Shayne Aridian: Looking down
[14:57]  Nebula Rae remind me to not accept friendship with Lady Martina...once a rat always a rat....
[14:57]  Shayne Aridian: Prosecutor, let me see the scroll
[14:57]  Arcturus Xavorin stretches HIS bneck looking up at the honorable Magistrate
[14:57]  janette Inglewood grins
[14:57]  Arcturus Xavorin: /~
[14:57]  Arcturus Xavorin hands the scroll to The honorable magistrate
[14:57]  Shayne Aridian: reaches down to take it
[14:58]  Shayne Aridian: opening it
[14:58]  Arcturus Xavorin: ((u got the nc right?))
[14:58]  Shayne Aridian: this is the same scroll,and complete?
[14:58]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. AYe it is
[14:58]  Shayne Aridian: rolls it up and taps it impatiently on his hand
[14:58]  Shayne Aridian: all right
[14:59]  Shayne Aridian: first of all, I do not find the evidence of any crime actuallypresented
[14:59]  Shayne Aridian: To think about or even discuss a possible kidnapping is not the same as carrying it out
[14:59]  Arcturus Xavorin: ;nods. YOur honor it is treason in its tried from
[14:59]  Arcturus Xavorin: *attempted not tried
[15:00]  Shayne Aridian: ]no one was party to the conversation and even the reported conversation between the two ladies is nothing beyond hearsay
[15:00]  Shayne Aridian: this lady told me that she and another were planning a kidnapping
[15:01]  Shayne Aridian: that does not constitute an offense
[15:01]  Shayne Aridian: but there is a deeper problem in thge scroll
[15:01]  Shayne Aridian: youpresented the entire dialog which refers to "what great rp" it would be
[15:01]  Shayne Aridian: so clearly the intent ot the conversation was Out of character
[15:02]  Shayne Aridian: at some point in the future it might become a real plot
[15:02]  Shayne Aridian: but I amnot convinced
[15:02]  Shayne Aridian: The defendants are found not guilty and free to go
[15:02]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. Aye perhaps but that conversation took place because of In character dialog and oit lead to more in cahravter dialgo
[15:02]  Crusader Arado: laughs and says whooo hoooo!!!
[15:02]  Shayne Aridian: Arcturus, I cannot speculate what might be at some other time
[15:03]  Shayne Aridian: only that the lines are blurred enough to call a sentence into question
[15:03]  Arcturus Xavorin: there is no speculation
[15:03]  Arcturus Xavorin: it was written
[15:03]  Shayne Aridian: It spoke in a OOC voice
[15:03]  Crusader Arado: see ya later chump he waves at the prosecutor as he heads out for a meal
[15:04]  Arcturus Xavorin: the only qualm which i am obviously incline dot agree si that it took place in an im, But because it toook place in an instant message, when teh lady Hamble showed it, making roleplay, to lady martina, woudl it mean tha ti was invalid
[15:04]  Arcturus Xavorin: ?
[15:04]  Able Macbain: very
[15:04]  Shayne Aridian: It would in my city
[15:05]  Able Macbain: if did not happen on a chat scroll then did not happen in context of gor
[15:05]  Arcturus Xavorin: bu then there woudl never be any rp anywhere unless it was openly arranged in local chatr
[15:05]  Shayne Aridian: IMs are assumed out of character unless agreed otherwise, such as the need to actually whisper as not to be overheard
[15:05]  janette Inglewood: so Magistrate Shayne has ruled
[15:05]  Shayne Aridian: no such stiuplationis made here
[15:05]  Arcturus Xavorin: sighs
[15:05]  Arcturus Xavorin: the nc is not ic
[15:05]  janette Inglewood: do we all agree that this is insufficient for any conviction?
[15:05]  Axion Verne: Yes
[15:05]  Arcturus Xavorin: but lady martina being told about the plt by lady hamble is!!
[15:06]  Hannah Mandrake: Arcturus let me ask you something
[15:06]  Able Macbain: would never have tried it to tell truth
[15:06]  Crusader Arado: listen the real problem is they should have set a ambush if they ere gonna RP it as legal.......we were only setting it up as we where kidnappnng her as a joke and the merchs told to take her to a surpirse party.. now peove it false
[15:06]  Arcturus Xavorin: well nevermind.
[15:06]  Able Macbain: the moment it hit my desk would have kicked it to moderaters with recommendation the people involved be spoken to
[15:06]  Crusader Arado: it was just a joke
[15:06]  janette Inglewood: so thank You everyone for playing it out
[15:07]  Arcturus Xavorin: the thing is
[15:07]  Arcturus Xavorin: ladyhamble told someone else in rolpelay aboutit
[15:07]  janette Inglewood: i hope it has demonstrated the nature of situations like these
[15:07]  Arcturus Xavorin: yes it has
[15:07]  Tali Ceriano: Well, it doesn't say I told her in RP
[15:07]  Able Macbain: yes, she would have been one that i recommended recieve talking to
[15:07]  Nebula Rae: lots more to The Plot then I realized....
[15:08]  janette Inglewood: any further thoughts or questions..please jot down and we can review them next week
[15:08]  Karisima Stein: Great outcome!!... remember.. never mix IC/ooc.
[15:08]  janette Inglewood: also...get Your essays in
[15:08]  Tali Ceriano: May I ask one question, Lady Jan?
[15:08]  janette Inglewood: i have most...well done everyone
[15:08]  Shayne Aridian: ut oh....missed the esay assignment
[15:08]  Shayne Aridian: shudder
[15:08]  Briny Ninetails: essays?
[15:08]  janette Inglewood: so get themto me if You havent
[15:09]  janette Inglewood: well coursework
[15:09]  Arcturus Xavorin: I just think that if this wwas all ooc then the admin shoudl ahve called a mod
[15:09]  Arcturus Xavorin: not drag a mag into it
[15:09]  janette Inglewood: next week...its quiz night
[15:09]  Briny Ninetails: oh the flirtatius essy?
[15:09]  Arcturus Xavorin: oh goodie
[15:09]  janette Inglewood: so bring Your brains
[15:09]  Hannah Mandrake: in that i agree with you arcturus
[15:09]  Able Macbain: not necessarily acturus
[15:09]  Shayne Aridian: not all admins are that bright
[15:09]  Tali Ceriano: uh oh, I had forgotten about the quiz
[15:09]  Shayne Aridian: but in truth, I would have kicked it to mods, too
[15:09]  Karisima Stein: I second that Shayne
[15:09]  janette Inglewood: i shall be quiz Master.....on the weakest link
[15:09]  Tali Ceriano: is there anything special we should study?
[15:10]  Able Macbain: have myself pointed out to an admin that something he was doing was ooc and had him look at it again and agree
[15:10]  Arcturus Xavorin: weakest link, laughs
[15:10]  janette Inglewood: it is a very broad question set
[15:10]  Nebula Rae is wondering wear the drop floor will be during the exam....
[15:10]  Tali Ceriano has too many weak links ... oh dear, oh my
[15:11]  Tali Ceriano: may we use our notes? :)
[15:11]  Arcturus Xavorin: or cheat tables?
[15:11]  janette Inglewood laughs
[15:11]  Hannah Mandrake: grins
[15:11]  Hannah Mandrake: that is an ideia
[15:12]  janette Inglewood: well id prefer You didnt but i cant stop You
[15:12]  Nebula Rae is already shaking in her boots over the test
[15:12]  Arcturus Xavorin knows a few ways the vigilant woudlnt know

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