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Friday, July 22, 2011

4 - Values & Tendencies of Scribes

The Caste of Scribes, denoted by their blue robes, are the scholerly and studious caste. Scribes perform many tasks, but are often specialists. Noted for their intellect, they are the bookkeepers, accountants, historians, legal experts, compilers of data, mathematicians, and notaries of Gor. The goal of the Scribe caste is to record accurately the history of Gor, and to educate the population as to laws and protocols of the people. They are explorers, looking always to further their knowledge. They are ones who write stories to spark the imagination, and also to record heroic deeds. They are ones who keep records of transactions, and keep the books of major houses of Gor. They are the second of the High Castes. They are the scholars of Gorean society, the writers and the historians. In their keeping is almost all of the accounting, record-keeping, and writing upon Gor. They tend to be serious and studious, with an attention to detail and a passion for knowledge. The Caste of Scribes are the Magistrates and handle many of the judicial matters. They are not enforcers of the Law, but are ones who judge the actions and degree of infraction if a law has been broken. Since much legal business is conducted through Scribes, they generally consider it wise to maintain an unimpeachable reputation, though some rogues do exist. Furthermore, since the Scribes are one the High Castes, the possibility that they may one day sit on the governing council of a city is another incentive to maintain a reputation for honesty.
There are a few that are explorers that journey over the landscape of Gor making maps of little known areas. Many militaries of the city-states employ Scribe Mapmakers to create terrain maps to help in the devising of strategy. Some of the other military duties of Scribes are in the areas of logistics, historical reference, supply systems, pay rosters, enlistment, and other support functions. Though not Warriors, Scribes will fight to defend their homestones, their women, or their honor. To this end, many will seek some training in weapons, but not much.

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