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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magistrate Class 6 28June2010

[2010/06/28 14:01]  janette Inglewood: Tal Everyone and welcome to the sixth class of the Magistrates course
[2010/06/28 14:01]  janette Inglewood: like to start with some bits of business
[2010/06/28 14:02]  janette Inglewood: well done to all for excellent courseworks
[2010/06/28 14:02]  janette Inglewood: i shall send out the second and final piece after this class
[2010/06/28 14:03]  janette Inglewood: which i would like completed and returned before next weeks class
[2010/06/28 14:03]  Axion Verne: *groans*
[2010/06/28 14:03]  Hannah Mandrake: tal everyone
[2010/06/28 14:03]  janette Inglewood: i will also be sending out a second case study
[2010/06/28 14:03]  Rhiannan Khandr: Tal Lady Hannah
[2010/06/28 14:03]  janette Inglewood: this will be for a trial next week
[2010/06/28 14:04]  janette Inglewood: not get the two confused
[2010/06/28 14:04]  janette Inglewood: i know that sounds silly...but believe me it happens
[2010/06/28 14:05]  janette Inglewood: the case study...called the the trial next class
[2010/06/28 14:05]  janette Inglewood: the case of the flirtatious the coursework
[2010/06/28 14:06]  janette Inglewood: so i hope that is clear
[2010/06/28 14:06]  Arcturus Xavorin: Greetigns everyone rubbing his eyes like a babe just borne
[2010/06/28 14:06]  janette Inglewood: i will stress it in the notices
[2010/06/28 14:06]  janette Inglewood: also..You may have seen a notice about classes at a later time
[2010/06/28 14:07]  Axion Verne: Ay.
[2010/06/28 14:07]  BDO Guardian: Oh?
[2010/06/28 14:07]  janette Inglewood: if You know nayone who was unable to attend because of the class times
[2010/06/28 14:07]  janette Inglewood: anyone
[2010/06/28 14:07]  janette Inglewood: then please inform them we plan to run a course at a much layter hour...if we have the take-up
[2010/06/28 14:08]  janette Inglewood: the times of these courses are unaffected of course
[2010/06/28 14:08]  janette Inglewood: after the trial next week...we will finish with a quiz
[2010/06/28 14:09]  Arcturus Xavorin: oh goodie :=)
[2010/06/28 14:09]  janette Inglewood: its all good fun...and isnt really an such
[2010/06/28 14:09]  Hannah Mandrake: goodie
[2010/06/28 14:09]  Hannah Mandrake: as smiles wide behind her veil
[2010/06/28 14:09]  janette Inglewood: we will probaly spilit into 2 teans and do it that way
[2010/06/28 14:09]  Arcturus Xavorin: so its a group test right?
[2010/06/28 14:09]  Arcturus Xavorin: /me grins wide
[2010/06/28 14:09]  janette Inglewood: and of course it depends how long the next trial takes
[2010/06/28 14:10]  janette Inglewood: yes more of a group thing thn individual
[2010/06/28 14:10]  Tali Ceriano: Lady Jan, there are two more classes, yes?
[2010/06/28 14:10]  janette Inglewood: any questions on what i have said so far?
[2010/06/28 14:10]  janette Inglewood: 2 maybe 3
[2010/06/28 14:10]  janette Inglewood: depends on the trial
[2010/06/28 14:11]  janette Inglewood: anything else?
[2010/06/28 14:11]  Axion Verne: *shakes his head*
[2010/06/28 14:12]  janette Inglewood: right for this class...i want to discuss the daily role of the Magistrate
[2010/06/28 14:12]  janette Inglewood: and recap on the major issues we have covered in the process
[2010/06/28 14:13]  janette Inglewood: now here in Olni..i am High Maistrate
[2010/06/28 14:13]  janette Inglewood: i have 2 Magistrates and 2 Advocates work with me
[2010/06/28 14:14]  janette Inglewood: i try to focus on the High Caste issues and running the sub caste
[2010/06/28 14:14]  janette Inglewood: but of course as we all know...sometimes things just leapup at you
[2010/06/28 14:15]  janette Inglewood: what would we say is the most common subject of issues and disputes in most of Gor?
[2010/06/28 14:15]  BDO Guardian: @
[2010/06/28 14:15]  Tali Ceriano: @
[2010/06/28 14:15]  Arcturus Xavorin: @
[2010/06/28 14:15]  janette Inglewood: Adria?
[2010/06/28 14:15]  Hannah Mandrake: @
[2010/06/28 14:16]  BDO Guardian: It has been my experience that property, in some form or another, has been the biggest issue I have seen, theft, use, proper ownership rights etc.
[2010/06/28 14:16]  janette Inglewood: indeed.......Tali?
[2010/06/28 14:16]  Arcturus Xavorin: /me shoots his arms into the air.
[2010/06/28 14:17]  Shayne Aridian: @
[2010/06/28 14:17]  Tali Ceriano: issues having to do with slaves
[2010/06/28 14:17]  janette Inglewood: /me nods
[2010/06/28 14:17]  janette Inglewood: Arc?
[2010/06/28 14:17]  BDO Guardian: nods and I
[2010/06/28 14:17]  Arcturus Xavorin: Women, Free or otherwise
[2010/06/28 14:17]  Tali Ceriano: /me nods to the Lady
[2010/06/28 14:17]  Nebula Rae: @
[2010/06/28 14:17]  Hannah Mandrake: @
[2010/06/28 14:17]  janette Inglewood: Hannah?
[2010/06/28 14:18]  Hannah Mandrake: personality disorders lol
[2010/06/28 14:18]  Tali Ceriano: grins
[2010/06/28 14:18]  janette Inglewood: /me laughs
[2010/06/28 14:18]  Arcturus Xavorin: looll
[2010/06/28 14:18]  janette Inglewood: Shayne?
[2010/06/28 14:18]  Axion Verne: *chuckles*
[2010/06/28 14:18]  Verona Lorgsval: @
[2010/06/28 14:18]  Shayne Aridian: my ote was with slaves
[2010/06/28 14:18]  Shayne Aridian: in one way or another
[2010/06/28 14:19]  janette Inglewood: Nebula?
[2010/06/28 14:19]  Nebula Rae: What is considered C or OOC
[2010/06/28 14:19]  Nebula Rae: IC*
[2010/06/28 14:19]  janette Inglewood: and Verona?
[2010/06/28 14:19]  Hannah Mandrake: nods
[2010/06/28 14:20]  Verona Lorgsval: in the books it is merchant issues of theft shaved gold etc. IN sl gor it is kajira that have more than one master in several different cities.
[2010/06/28 14:20]  Verona Lorgsval: and ownership of said slave.
[2010/06/28 14:20]  janette Inglewood: yes, thank You everyone i agree with them all
[2010/06/28 14:21]  Verona Lorgsval: at least those are the cases brought before me.
[2010/06/28 14:21]  janette Inglewood: theft and ownership of slaves...tinged with ooc issues and surrounded by personality disorders
[2010/06/28 14:21]  BDO Guardian: @
[2010/06/28 14:21]  janette Inglewood: /me laughs
[2010/06/28 14:21]  janette Inglewood: pretty much covers it
[2010/06/28 14:21]  Tali Ceriano: /me laughs and nods
[2010/06/28 14:22]  janette Inglewood: yes Adria?
[2010/06/28 14:22]  Arcturus Xavorin: nods emphatically
[2010/06/28 14:22]  Shayne Aridian: and the status of free women
[2010/06/28 14:22]  janette Inglewood: yes some Cites that is an obsession
[2010/06/28 14:23]  Rhiannan Khandr: Most Free Men just dont know how far is to far in regards to a Free Woman expecially when it comes to their opinions
[2010/06/28 14:23]  Arcturus Xavorin: i said free owmen free or otherwise
[2010/06/28 14:23]  Arcturus Xavorin: well free men are not the issue lol
[2010/06/28 14:23]  BDO Guardian: I actually have a question about this.. I have seen many slaves with papers and such stating they may not be punished by anyone but thier masters or owners... yet this is not gorean law. How do we dealw ith this in court cases, or lets say when a free beats a slave for squabbling with another, when it clearly says the free dont interfere with slave squabbles.
[2010/06/28 14:24]  janette Inglewood: the Freeamy punish aslave
[2010/06/28 14:24]  janette Inglewood: may
[2010/06/28 14:24]  BDO Guardian: That was my understanding yes.
[2010/06/28 14:24]  janette Inglewood: i do not accept restrictions on that
[2010/06/28 14:24]  BDO Guardian: nods.
[2010/06/28 14:24]  janette Inglewood: sexual yes...other
[2010/06/28 14:24]  janette Inglewood: as long as damage is paid for
[2010/06/28 14:25]  Shayne Aridian: nor do most places....but such information is usually in Profiles which are not a part of rp anyhow
[2010/06/28 14:25]  janette Inglewood: and we state inour rules here that is how we view it
[2010/06/28 14:25]  Tali Ceriano: @question, if we may continue this discussion
[2010/06/28 14:25]  BDO Guardian: Yes but we all know it comes into play.
[2010/06/28 14:25]  janette Inglewood: so...dont come here if you want to have a milluon restrictions
[2010/06/28 14:25]  janette Inglewood: yes it does
[2010/06/28 14:25]  Shayne Aridian: OUr laws codify that, too
[2010/06/28 14:25]  Rhiannan Khandr: just the fact of slaves "carrying" their papers is an moronic
[2010/06/28 14:26]  janette Inglewood: yes it is
[2010/06/28 14:26]  Shayne Aridian: Rhiannon...true
[2010/06/28 14:26]  janette Inglewood: papers are too importantto attach to a slave
[2010/06/28 14:26]  Arcturus Xavorin: im sorry but there is no real sexual restritctions, bookwise
[2010/06/28 14:26]  BDO Guardian: We dont allow slave paper carriers in Sardar.
[2010/06/28 14:26]  janette Inglewood: was there a question Tali?
[2010/06/28 14:26]  Shayne Aridian: I diaagree, Acturus
[2010/06/28 14:26]  BDO Guardian: Yes there are, a restricted slave is belted.
[2010/06/28 14:26]  Arcturus Xavorin: ah yes
[2010/06/28 14:27]  Arcturus Xavorin: but that is not resticted byt hem
[2010/06/28 14:27]  Verona Lorgsval: or kept in the garden and not let out.
[2010/06/28 14:27]  BDO Guardian: And it says clearly in the laws that use of a slave without the owners consent is frownd on if not illegal in most places.
[2010/06/28 14:27]  Tali Ceriano: Yes, first I want to say there were restrictions sometimes (I have quotes somewhere), but what I really wanted to ask is that we can totally disregard profile restrictions in legal cases, yes?
[2010/06/28 14:27]  janette Inglewood: virtually yes Tali
[2010/06/28 14:27]  Arcturus Xavorin: what is said in the books regarding restricted slaves is that they are lept form the general public, ie idoors
[2010/06/28 14:28]  janette Inglewood: the laws are those of the City....individuals cannot exempt themselves by means of some statement
[2010/06/28 14:28]  BDO Guardian: Yes they are OOC, but when the owner assults another free IC for doing so, this become an IC issue.
[2010/06/28 14:28]  Tali Ceriano: Slave documentation would be different ... that's considered IC
[2010/06/28 14:28]  Tali Ceriano: is what I wanted to confirm, thank you
[2010/06/28 14:28]  Arcturus Xavorin: another thign while we are at it
[2010/06/28 14:28]  Arcturus Xavorin: slaves carrying papers besides morionic
[2010/06/28 14:29]  Arcturus Xavorin: the only way for a slave ot actually prove their ownership would be trough their brand or colla ror both
[2010/06/28 14:29]  janette Inglewood: so yes....we generally agree that issues around slaves can take up a lot of time
[2010/06/28 14:30]  janette Inglewood: and then the girl disappears anyway
[2010/06/28 14:30]  Rhiannan Khandr: Not all slave have brands privately owned slaves do not have to be branded only if they come through an actual sale
[2010/06/28 14:30]  Axion Verne: *chuckles*
[2010/06/28 14:30]  janette Inglewood: so i treat these matters rather carefully
[2010/06/28 14:30]  janette Inglewood: and firstly do everything i can to avoid them
[2010/06/28 14:31]  janette Inglewood: /me laughs
[2010/06/28 14:31]  janette Inglewood: and of course be wary of ooc matters
[2010/06/28 14:31]  Charles Esharham: @
[2010/06/28 14:31]  Rhiannan Khandr: besides here in SL a brand is only as permant until they want to troll the Gorean Hub
[2010/06/28 14:31]  janette Inglewood: sometimes its jealousy or spite at the heart of a dispute
[2010/06/28 14:32]  janette Inglewood: so i find myself mediating...almost more as a mod than a Magistrate
[2010/06/28 14:32]  Shayne Aridian: Or an inability to tell the difference between IC or OOC
[2010/06/28 14:32]  Arcturus Xavorin: laughs aye i know
[2010/06/28 14:32]  Arcturus Xavorin: sadly most of magitrate issue si have see only happen because of ic ooc mix and /or personality issues
[2010/06/28 14:32]  janette Inglewood: all we can do is stick to the clear legal issues and strong set of laws on the matter
[2010/06/28 14:33]  Arcturus Xavorin: one can almost say that people complain to the magistrate bcecause they can't fix it in roleplay
[2010/06/28 14:33]  Arcturus Xavorin: whihc is tantamount to what happens in real life i woudl say
[2010/06/28 14:33]  janette Inglewood: yes rc i agree with that
[2010/06/28 14:33]  janette Inglewood: Arc
[2010/06/28 14:33]  Rhiannan Khandr: aye, some one pisses you off .. sue
[2010/06/28 14:34]  janette Inglewood: now over the weeks we have talked about ooc/ic matters
[2010/06/28 14:34]  janette Inglewood: and the need for clarity over sim rules and sim laws
[2010/06/28 14:34]  janette Inglewood: i can only suggest that You make sure Your cities are clear on this
[2010/06/28 14:35]  janette Inglewood: and offer amendments to those rules where You see need of them
[2010/06/28 14:35]  janette Inglewood: as for the treatment of Free Women
[2010/06/28 14:36]  janette Inglewood: i do not wish to mount a hooby horse on this...but sl Gor tends to run out of hand
[2010/06/28 14:36]  janette Inglewood: collar crazy
[2010/06/28 14:36]  BDO Guardian: Yes
[2010/06/28 14:36]  Arcturus Xavorin: laughs
[2010/06/28 14:36]  Axion Verne: *nods in agreement*
[2010/06/28 14:36]  Hannah Mandrake: rols her eyes
[2010/06/28 14:36]  Shayne Aridian: In some places it seems to be the only thng men can think of to do with free wopmen
[2010/06/28 14:36]  Arcturus Xavorin: oh yes and particularly whne ther atrnet some who want to have it outside of rl as well
[2010/06/28 14:37]  Arcturus Xavorin: of sl
[2010/06/28 14:37]  janette Inglewood: i mean there are a million slaves per FW as it is
[2010/06/28 14:37]  Arcturus Xavorin: lol
[2010/06/28 14:37]  Amadeus Freund: this is true
[2010/06/28 14:37]  Arcturus Xavorin: and specially if oyu sl partner shares your rl
[2010/06/28 14:37]  janette Inglewood: and yes i ihear the jangle of collars everywhere i turn
[2010/06/28 14:37]  janette Inglewood: i believe 3% of women were slaves
[2010/06/28 14:37]  Shayne Aridian: *man can't have too many collars at hi belt!*
[2010/06/28 14:38]  janette Inglewood: Sl is hopelessly out of line with this
[2010/06/28 14:38]  Shayne Aridian: @
[2010/06/28 14:38]  Tali Ceriano: I think it's because so many haven't read any of the books...they say they have, but they have no idea how to treat a FW (who knows her place)
[2010/06/28 14:38]  janette Inglewood: all we can ensure the collaring of a FW is truly legit
[2010/06/28 14:38]  janette Inglewood: yes Shayne?
[2010/06/28 14:38]  Rhiannan Khandr: a man can have as many collars as he thinks he needs on his belt but when he tries to put one around the neck of a FW just because he thinks he can or wants to there are problems
[2010/06/28 14:38]  Amadeus Freund: n ods
[2010/06/28 14:38]  BDO Guardian: Yes, when ever a man is displeased with a Free woman in SL thats his first repsonse, "shut up or I will collar you"
[2010/06/28 14:39]  Shayne Aridian: Iunderstand that statistic....but it does seem that from its birth, Gorean rp has been more concerned withthe relationship between slaves and that skew is normal
[2010/06/28 14:39]  Shayne Aridian: it is wahat most want to do
[2010/06/28 14:39]  janette Inglewood: it is not what us FW wish to do
[2010/06/28 14:39]  BDO Guardian: Exactly.
[2010/06/28 14:40]  Shayne Aridian: well...I appreciate that, too!
[2010/06/28 14:40]  BDO Guardian: If I wanted to rp a slave, I would.
[2010/06/28 14:40]  janette Inglewood: we can choose to rp slaves if that is what we seek
[2010/06/28 14:40]  Rhiannan Khandr: To play devils advocate here for a moment though . I think you have all seen what I call the "new breed" of Free Women they are little more then sluts in robes and these make it even harder for those of us upholidng the value of Traditional Free Women
[2010/06/28 14:40]  janette Inglewood: indeed
[2010/06/28 14:40]  Arcturus Xavorin: /me laughs so hard he almost pees
[2010/06/28 14:40]  Rhiannan Khandr: sometimes its no wonder men get confused expecially when they havent got passed the back cover of a book
[2010/06/28 14:40]  Tali Ceriano: /me nods .... yes that is what I call them too "sluts in robes" "disgusting" she mutters
[2010/06/28 14:41]  Hannah Mandrake: sadly i must agree with lady ehiana
[2010/06/28 14:41]  Arcturus Xavorin: laughs so ahrd ocne omre
[2010/06/28 14:41]  BDO Guardian: If they break the couching laws then they will end up as slaves.
[2010/06/28 14:41]  janette Inglewood: well to keep our side of it...please ensure that ridiculous collarins are prevented and the perpertraotrs brought to justice
[2010/06/28 14:41]  Jolyn Lane: /me grins behind her veil at her good friend Tali, but nods in agreement
[2010/06/28 14:41]  Arcturus Xavorin: i oce saw a sim owner
[2010/06/28 14:41]  Arcturus Xavorin: a woman
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: defend a rper that had waltzed in the sim
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: chest showing
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: excepts breasts
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: legs showing aand elbows seen
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: her line
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: th esim onwers was
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: i am gonna quote here
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: "i wont let you collar her for this
[2010/06/28 14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: of course the nex days he tried it agian
[2010/06/28 14:43]  Arcturus Xavorin: she tried it again
[2010/06/28 14:43]  Arcturus Xavorin: and i collared her
[2010/06/28 14:43]  Arcturus Xavorin: she owund up leaving saying i was being a builly
[2010/06/28 14:43]  Arcturus Xavorin: said shed report me to the lkiudnens
[2010/06/28 14:43]  Arcturus Xavorin: lindens
[2010/06/28 14:43]  Arcturus Xavorin: etc,.etcm drama......
[2010/06/28 14:43]  janette Inglewood: best she leaves Gor then
[2010/06/28 14:43]  Tali Ceriano: /me bangs her head on the table before her (this is why I will only live in a BTB city)
[2010/06/28 14:43]  janette Inglewood: we are all sensible here...but we have a duty to look out for those who are not
[2010/06/28 14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin: also the same sim owner
[2010/06/28 14:44]  janette Inglewood: and not to just convict them...but help them...educate them
[2010/06/28 14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin: said that sl glitched dont count as collarabel material even after the person relogs clears cahce like 10 times
[2010/06/28 14:44]  Olni Visitors Bell: shouts: The small bell beside the gates rings out, alerting the city to a visitor waiting at the gate
[2010/06/28 14:44]  janette Inglewood: generally improve the standards of rp
[2010/06/28 14:44]  BDO Guardian: I have issue with some supposed BTB places as well, saying women cant be head of caste or in high council. There is no place it says this as a norm at all.
[2010/06/28 14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin: the siad person was showing leg
[2010/06/28 14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin: needless tp say i am no longer on that homestone
[2010/06/28 14:45]  janette Inglewood: /me waits
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Rhiannan Khandr: are any of you familar with the incident a couple years ago I think it was about a Free Woman, kennel Mistress who was brought before the Magistrate for slave like behavior and in apporpriate conduct .. the Magistrate had the trial then found her not guilty because the "action" was an onlineism and therefore considered OOC ?
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Tali Ceriano: interesting
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Hannah Mandrake: @
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Arcturus Xavorin: ehm?
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Arcturus Xavorin: onlinism?
[2010/06/28 14:45]  BDO Guardian: yes, onlinism, like "aye"
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Arcturus Xavorin: if she wasnt meter wiht ooc or writing in brackets
[2010/06/28 14:45]  janette Inglewood: yes Hannah?
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Arcturus Xavorin: that is not onlinism
[2010/06/28 14:45]  Hannah Mandrake: i was wondering
[2010/06/28 14:46]  Shayne Aridian: like....90% of what we do is an onloinism
[2010/06/28 14:46]  Hannah Mandrake: sorry if sounds stupid
[2010/06/28 14:46]  Rhiannan Khandr: aye she was seen in public "sweetening" a grape or something not sure what fruit it was
[2010/06/28 14:46]  Hannah Mandrake: a fw can be head of caste?
[2010/06/28 14:46]  Amadeus Freund: I knew of a case like that but the verdict was different
[2010/06/28 14:46]  janette Inglewood: yes
[2010/06/28 14:46]  janette Inglewood: some places do not let them vote on a council even though they may sit on it
[2010/06/28 14:47]  Arcturus Xavorin: as for heads of caste being women, i have seen refernces to it but i have alsi seen mentioned that men wouldnt follow women
[2010/06/28 14:47]  Hannah Mandrake: that is my issue
[2010/06/28 14:47]  Arcturus Xavorin: so its not an easy or emmidiate situation
[2010/06/28 14:47]  BDO Guardian: Yet there are also references where they did
[2010/06/28 14:47]  janette Inglewood: my view again...dont like it....go elsewhere
[2010/06/28 14:47]  Rhiannan Khandr: some won't but Physicans for example are heavily populated by Free Women
[2010/06/28 14:47]  Tali Ceriano: too bad we can't sentence OOC and send them to class to learn of Gor (or something) ;)
[2010/06/28 14:47]  janette Inglewood: we need FW on sl Gor
[2010/06/28 14:48]  Arcturus Xavorin: all in all, if the head of caste is selected by the council and is a good rper
[2010/06/28 14:48]  Arcturus Xavorin: then it should be ok
[2010/06/28 14:48]  janette Inglewood: and if You want to legislate them out of it...then go to a wargame
[2010/06/28 14:48]  BDO Guardian: Head of caste is selected by caste.
[2010/06/28 14:48]  Tali Ceriano: yes
[2010/06/28 14:48]  Arcturus Xavorin: Ah alright
[2010/06/28 14:48]  Tali Ceriano: and the caste head will sit on the HIgh Council typically
[2010/06/28 14:48]  Shayne Aridian: By the books yes...but in prctice...the sim owner
[2010/06/28 14:49]  Tali Ceriano: nods
[2010/06/28 14:49]  Hannah Mandrake: @
[2010/06/28 14:49]  BDO Guardian: Yes, the Administrator is selected by the council.
[2010/06/28 14:49]  Axion Verne: On ability not gender
[2010/06/28 14:49]  janette Inglewood: Hannah?
[2010/06/28 14:49]  Hannah Mandrake: who rules more in a city
[2010/06/28 14:49]  Hannah Mandrake: thye head of caste in this case of scribes
[2010/06/28 14:50]  Rhiannan Khandr: even the council differs from city to city . Traditionally only the High Caste sit on the council but I've seen the head slaver and even a merchant in some city on the council
[2010/06/28 14:50]  Hannah Mandrake: or a hihg magistrade?
[2010/06/28 14:50]  Tali Ceriano: the Admin is what I would answer
[2010/06/28 14:50]  janette Inglewood: well in Olni...where we have an Ubar
[2010/06/28 14:50]  janette Inglewood: i answer only to Him
[2010/06/28 14:51]  Arcturus Xavorin: hannah is aking who is higher in the hierarchy, the head of the caste fo scribes or the high magistrate
[2010/06/28 14:51]  Verona Lorgsval: the high council runs the city with teh administrator responsible for day to day maintanence.
[2010/06/28 14:51]  janette Inglewood: and although i serve the Blue Caste and aid the High Scribe...i am not necessarily govenred by Her
[2010/06/28 14:51]  Verona Lorgsval: and in the case of an ubarette the ubar is in charge and dictator.
[2010/06/28 14:51]  Tali Ceriano: if there were issues of war and there were an Ubar, there often still was an Admin that the Ubar left in place to handle administrative things ...Ubars don't usually like to handle those things *laughs*
[2010/06/28 14:51]  janette Inglewood: so...we are so seperate as tonot be comparable in power
[2010/06/28 14:52]  janette Inglewood: does that help Hannah?
[2010/06/28 14:52]  Arcturus Xavorin: uhm
[2010/06/28 14:52]  Arcturus Xavorin: but to the council the head of caste is more in charge
[2010/06/28 14:52]  Hannah Mandrake: yes it does
[2010/06/28 14:52]  janette Inglewood: i am not governed by the Caste in effect
[2010/06/28 14:53]  janette Inglewood: but would not attempt to order them about
[2010/06/28 14:53]  Arcturus Xavorin: ah
[2010/06/28 14:53]  Arcturus Xavorin: alrigh
[2010/06/28 14:53]  Shayne Aridian: A Magistrate could be of othr than the Scribe caste
[2010/06/28 14:53]  janette Inglewood: well they could be a merchant
[2010/06/28 14:53]  Tali Ceriano: yes true
[2010/06/28 14:53]  janette Inglewood: but seldom anything else
[2010/06/28 14:54]  Arcturus Xavorin: in the case of hannah
[2010/06/28 14:54]  Arcturus Xavorin: she menat a magistrate of the blue caste
[2010/06/28 14:54]  Arcturus Xavorin: *meant
[2010/06/28 14:54]  Shayne Aridian: The distinction I thought was in effect that a magistrate is a position and answerable to the administration befor caste
[2010/06/28 14:54]  Shayne Aridian: so as to be above caste favoritism
[2010/06/28 14:55]  Hannah Mandrake: nods
[2010/06/28 14:55]  janette Inglewood: yes well put
[2010/06/28 14:55]  janette Inglewood: i work for the Ubar...nobody else
[2010/06/28 14:55]  Hannah Mandrake: shayne thanks for you opinion
[2010/06/28 14:56]  janette Inglewood: moving on to one last subject
[2010/06/28 14:56]  janette Inglewood: we discussed the effect of the sim owners/admins Ubars...on the legal system
[2010/06/28 14:56]  janette Inglewood: now this is just one of those things
[2010/06/28 14:57]  janette Inglewood: and i know many good Lawyers who are constantly over ruled
[2010/06/28 14:57]  janette Inglewood: the result is normally that they move on
[2010/06/28 14:57]  Amadeus Freund: nods
[2010/06/28 14:57]  janette Inglewood: but we all know that at times it is not so easy
[2010/06/28 14:58]  janette Inglewood: i am lucky here...i have a good relationship with the Ubar...and He has faith in leave me alone basically
[2010/06/28 14:58]  Hannah Mandrake: which is good
[2010/06/28 14:58]  janette Inglewood: but where that is not the falls on us to educate the person
[2010/06/28 14:58]  Shayne Aridian: It drives me nuts for an owner/admin to have a set of laws in place and then not follow them as they please
[2010/06/28 14:59]  janette Inglewood: to try to show them..they will lose their citizens
[2010/06/28 14:59]  Shayne Aridian: as though they are an afterthought
[2010/06/28 14:59]  Nebula Rae: i have witnessed the same thing Shayne....make laws and not stick with them.....shakes her head
[2010/06/28 14:59]  BDO Guardian: I feel lucky In Sardar, our sim owner has even accepted a 3 day ban for not following her own rules, lol.
[2010/06/28 14:59]  janette Inglewood: yes its awful
[2010/06/28 15:00]  Arcturus Xavorin: /me has seen a lot of that
[2010/06/28 15:00]  Amadeus Freund: smiles
[2010/06/28 15:00]  BDO Guardian: Personly I think she wanted a vacation. LOL.
[2010/06/28 15:00]  janette Inglewood: /me smiles
[2010/06/28 15:01]  janette Inglewood: its the way to win respect and establish faith in the legal system
[2010/06/28 15:01]  janette Inglewood: but remember we are all representing the law everyday
[2010/06/28 15:01]  janette Inglewood: and can help each other with consistencly and honesty
[2010/06/28 15:02]  janette Inglewood: to win the trust of the citizens to put matters in our hands
[2010/06/28 15:02]  Verona Lorgsval: well sometimes it backfires as well. To say sure sir go ahead and call the magistrate i am sure he will be interested in your complaint and then when teh magistrate shows up they are still angry ooc because it was not what they expected.
[2010/06/28 15:02]  janette Inglewood: yes...we must be professional
[2010/06/28 15:02]  janette Inglewood: right then...time defeats us
[2010/06/28 15:03]  janette Inglewood: thank You all for an excellent discussion
[2010/06/28 15:03]  Nebula Rae: @
[2010/06/28 15:03]  janette Inglewood: next week...a trial
[2010/06/28 15:03]  janette Inglewood: yes Nebula?
[2010/06/28 15:03]  Nebula Rae: Jan, may a decision be appealed in in SL Gor?
[2010/06/28 15:04]  janette Inglewood: Olni..i would hear an appeal
[2010/06/28 15:04]  janette Inglewood: so yes
[2010/06/28 15:04]  Nebula Rae: ok, just wondering...thanks
[2010/06/28 15:04]  janette Inglewood: but it should be laid out in the City laws how that works
[2010/06/28 15:04]  Amadeus Freund: nods
[2010/06/28 15:04]  Nebula Rae: oh, ok
[2010/06/28 15:04]  janette Inglewood: right well til next week...enjoy the coursework
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Arcturus Xavorin: thak you Lady
[2010/06/28 15:05]  janette Inglewood: and thank You all for a good class
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Tali Ceriano: Thank you, Lady Jan
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Axion Verne: Thank you.
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Arcturus Xavorin: as always it has been a pleasrue
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Arcturus Xavorin: be well everyone
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Nebula Rae: thank you Lady Jan..good class
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Rhiannan Khandr: Be Well Lady Jan and thank you for another good class
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Amadeus Freund: thank you, Lady Jan
[2010/06/28 15:05]  janette Inglewood: be well all
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Hannah Mandrake: always a pleasure
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Rhiannan Khandr: Everyone have a good week see you all next week
[2010/06/28 15:05]  Nebula Rae: Tal Tali
[2010/06/28 15:06]  Verona Lorgsval: thank you lady jan.
[2010/06/28 15:06]  Nickel Snook: I wish the Masters and Mistresses well .. thank you for letting me come Mistress " she smiles to Janette
[2010/06/28 15:06]  Amadeus Freund: was somebody taking notes?
[2010/06/28 15:06]  janette Inglewood: my pleasure

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