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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magistrte Homework 2 Case of the Flirtatous Lady

3 Magistrates course, Assignment 2.
  Lady Lucy Chocolate  knows well how a true Free Woman should behave herself in open community. However, on more then one occasion she is seen to behave in a flirtatious manner towards her Intended Companion Sir Marcus Kissimenus.
  Both parties have been addressed about the matter that if it continues the Lady may end up in a collar. Both laugh about the matter and proceed with their ways.
  The acts that have been recorded and brought into the evidence by numerous witnesses are:
- Openly hugging
- Openly flirtatious speech
- Kissing
- Being drunk on a regular basis
  One day the city is visited by a Slaver. He is welcomed with courtesy and finally ends up in the bakery of the Lady. During some conversation over tea and some sweet breads and fruit, the Lady takes a piece of larma which she then feeds to her intended with a smile. This act is witnessed not only by the Slaver, but also two other free woman of the city. The Slaver takes a collar off his belt, tosses it on the table, and asks Sir Marcus Kissimenus if He needs that perhaps. Marcus stands up and says he does not, steps behind the Lady, his intended companion, and puts a collar on her neck himself. Lady Lucy starts to cry and plead to her Intended not to do so. One of the witnessing free ladies is appalled by this and walks away. The other Lady is speechless and then told to take Lady Lucy to the second floor of the bakery to undress her and keep her there until all the commotion has died down.
Meanwhile the other Lady has contacted the city Guard about the situation that is going on in the bakery.
 Unsure what to do, the Guard calls You, the Magistrate, to come and make a ruling.
Describe Your actions and Judgement with an explanation.
~Lady Jan

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