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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Case Study (Mag) Elsie

 Sir Barridge stumbles upon a lone kajira in a port. The girl called elsie, is a restricted white silk. she is dressed in a red camisk. Her health and ownership papers are legally registered. She wears a collar but no iron belt. Sir Barridge notices she is unopened in her SL profile and chooses to ignore the listed restrictions.
 Commenting on her beauty, He grabs the girls hair and drags her to a quiet corner. Frightened and shocked the girl is easily taken and used. He finishes and leaves, and elsie runs to her Masters home in tears. Unwillingly she tells her Master (Sir Grably), on His return, what has happened. She is immediately examined by a Green and found to have been opened.
  She describes the Assailant and Sir Grably recognises the Man as Sir Barridge. An arrest warrent is immediately issued and Sir Barridge is brought by the City guards, to the court.information....
The Port in questions says in its City laws, "slaves will serve the Free as required (except sexual restrictions)"
The court is convened roughly 4 hours after the incident is alleged to have occoured.
Sir Barridge has a remarkably big nose, therefore elsie's description of Him is pretty clear.
We shall appoint Advocates, witnesses and a Magistrate at the class. Consider the points a Magistrate will be looking at.

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