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Friday, July 22, 2011

5 - The High Caste of Physicians

  Though it is not explicit in the books, it seems logical that many medical specializations would form subcastes of the Physician's Caste. Obstetrics, immunology, pediatrics, and such would make valid subcastes. Certain other specializations would not be necessary on Gor so would be unlikely to form subcastes. Dentistry, psychiatry and geriatrics are fields where the need on Gor is low so they are unlikely to form full subcastes. Major cities would have a Cylinder of Physicians as they do in Ar. Though this is not described in any great detail, it appears it would contain a hospital, research laboratories, a library and maybe even living quarters for some Physicians. Each city would also have their own High Council of Physicians to aid in the governance of that caste within the city. Each Physician's Caste, in every different city, is basically autonomous.

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