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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roleplay 101

There are two people involved in Roleplay - IC or In Character and OOC or Out Of Character
You, sitting behind the screen, we can’t see = Out Of Character
Your Character, in-world, we can see = In CharacterPlay your Character as he or she would interact with others - not the way You would
If you are one in the same, that’s fine, but your Character is what we see and with whom we are interacting, not You
Your Character won’t like every other Character
Your Character might even get mad, be insulted, or be insulting - You can not
Your Character is not required to be friends with every other Character
   >  If your Character likes another Character, your Character will, most likely, want to be around that Character
   >  If your Character does not like another Character, play it out, as your Character would act and react
   >  Your Character might find it easiest to simply avoid that Character

Fred (behind the screen) has a Character named Fred_of_Fina
   >  Fred_of_Fina is of the Caste of Leatherworkers
   >  Fred_of_Fina is a bully
   >  Fred_of_Fina picks his nose in public
   >  Fred_of_Fina does not bathe
   >  Fred_of_Fina has a terrible stomach disorder and a bad case of gas
Sue (behind the screen) has a Character named Sue_of_Fina
   >  Sue_of_Fina is of the Caste of Clothworkers
   >  Sue_of_Fina is sees Fred_of_Fina from time to time due to their business
   >  Sue_of_Fina avoids Fred_of_Fina like the plague
Fred cannot get mad and fling OOC insults at Sue because Sue_of_Ar does not like Fred_of_Ar and won’t roleplay with him

Your Character is not telepathic
Your Character is not omniscient (all-knowing)
You may know of something that has happened
If your Character did not see it, hear about it or read about it - your Character does not know about it

Fina Citizen Group Chat
For all practical purposes, Fina Citizen Group Chat is OOC - Mostly this is because it is broadcast Group wide
   >  Use it to ask questions
   >  Use it to give answers
   >  Use it to share Grandma’s favorite oatmeal cookie recipe
   >  Do Not use it as though your Character is shouting something across the city

Not All IMs Are OOC
   >  Use it to roleplay a private, whispered conversation standing next to another Character
   >  Use it describe a four paragraph serve if there is a lot of other local conversation in the Tavern
   >  Use it to talk a long distance - roleplay message scrolls passed along by a person running back and forth

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