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Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 - Battle Field Medicine

Speed your shit up by increasing your FPS.Press CTRL SHIFT 1 and make a note of the FPS number (constantly changing) - CTRL SHIFT 1 to tirn it off.
I won't bore you with the details, just hit this lot each time you start SL!!!
CTRL ALT SHIFT 2, 3, 6, 7, 0, -, =, \
CTRL ALT F4, F5, F6, F7, F9
CTRL P (Preferences)
Network - Slide the Max Bandwidth slider to the right
Graphics - Draw distance to 100 and ALL other sliders to the left
Audio Video - Turn off Streaming Music and Media
Voice Chat - Turn it off
Select Apply
Press CTRL ALT D to activate the Advance (aka Client) menu drop down.
Rendering/Animated Textures OFF
Now CTRL SHIFT 1 and check that FPS number.  Hopefully it has increased.
Why do it?  So you can kick fuck out of everyone by being FASTER than them.
[10:07]  Zenith Sorbet: I will start by just explaining the way I run my classes. I prefer an informal discussion based approach.
[10:07]  Zenith Sorbet: If at anytime you have a question please feel free to break in and ask it.
[10:07]  Zenith Sorbet: Just say "Question" or use the * sign.
[10:08]  Zenith Sorbet: I also welcome comments and clarifications. I am certainly not perfect so if I say something wrong, just break in.
[10:08]  Zenith Sorbet: I would particularly invite the First Sword here to correct me.
[10:08]  Zenith Sorbet: Now who was here at our mock battle last week?
[10:08]  First Sword raises his hand
[10:09]  Zenith Sorbet: We had several apprentices and it was a good experience.
[10:09]  Zenith Sorbet: I hope we can have more of these training exercises. To be certified in this part of the training program for apprentices you need to attend this class AND attend either during a real attack or a mock attack.
[10:10]  Zenith Sorbet: So after this week if the warriors are kind enough to arrange another exercise, you can all get certified. gives First Sword a significant look
[10:10]  First Sword smiles
[10:10]  Zenith Sorbet: Now I will begin first of all by emphazising the importance of physician personal safety.
[10:11]  Zenith Sorbet: Sometimes when one is in a battle field situation, one has the urge to run right into battle and rescue every fallen warrior.
[10:11]  Zenith Sorbet: Bad idea for several reasons.
[10:11]  Zenith Sorbet: 1) You can't heal if you've been hit.
[10:11]  Zenith Sorbet: Your meter will not allow you to heal someone if you injured yourself.
[10:12]  Zenith Sorbet: So if you get hit by flying arrows or stabbed by a passerby, you become immediately useless to the warriors until you recover.
[10:12]  Zenith Sorbet: 2) If you get captured, you divert precious manpower resources from the warriors because now they have to worry about rescuing you.
[10:13]  Zenith Sorbet: So getting captured is not just bad for your personal health, it's bad for the warriors.
[10:13]  Zenith Sorbet: Plus you could get carried off and enslaved and you can't practice medicine if you are enslaved.
[10:14]  Zenith Sorbet: 3) You get in the way. Warriors who are trying to shoot the enemy have no desire to take down their own greens.
[10:15]  Zenith Sorbet: So if you are running around getting between the enemy and your own warriors you become an obstruction. I have even see mercenaries sneaking past guards by crouching behind the skirts of women physicians.
[10:15]  Zenith Sorbet: So never ever ever do anything stupid to risk yourself.
[10:16]  Zenith Sorbet: Some tips for staying out of trouble
[10:16]  Zenith Sorbet: Try to keep track of where the battle line is and stay back from it.
[10:16]  Zenith Sorbet: If all the warriors run past you with all kinds of arrows being shot at them, chances are the enemy is chasing them. GET OUT OF THE WAY
[10:17]  Zenith Sorbet: Stay close to walls, stay out of open areas.
[10:23]  Zenith Sorbet: Warriors generally don't like to kill Greens and generally they won't. But if you get in the way they can. It is also a By the Book truth that A Green can be impaled for aiding an enemy in battle.
[10:23]  Zenith Sorbet: So you can heal the raiding man after the battle is all over and he's safely in jail.
[10:24]  Zenith Sorbet: In lag of battle it is hard to be certain but in my experience if you drop below about 80% your healing just stops working.
[10:25]  Zenith Sorbet: I have been told that all healing stops when you are injured at all.
[10:25]  Zenith Sorbet: I have certainly had a warrior watch me and shoot me once everytime my health recovered.
[10:25]  Zenith Sorbet: Never killing me, just popping me again and again just to make sure I never recovered enough to heal.
[10:26]  Zenith Sorbet: Now in a battlefield situation if you have a choice of healing two warriors or one fellow physician, do the fellow physician first.
[10:26]  Zenith Sorbet: That way they can help you heal the others.
[10:27]  Zenith Sorbet: There is a difference of the GM meter compared to the GLM.
[10:28]  Zenith Sorbet: GM meters have no heal function at all.
[10:28]  Zenith Sorbet: They can only rp healing.
[10:31]  Zenith Sorbet: In some sims the warriors seem to feel they can reset their Meters in response to an rp heal and fight at full strength.
[10:32]  Zenith Sorbet: Now one other little hint, used in Treve recently, is if your group is being badly beaten you put out a distress call to the Green Caste of Gor and Physicians Caste of Gor for all physicians and you get so many Green coming in the whole sim lags out and the battle is over.
[10:32]  Zenith Sorbet: laughs
[10:32]  Zenith Sorbet: not fair play, I am actually not recommending that.
[10:33]  Zenith Sorbet: Which brings me to the next topic.
[10:33]  Zenith Sorbet: Lag
[10:33]  First Sword makes a note and grins at Zeniths suggestion
[10:34]  Zenith Sorbet: snicker I went in looking for all these wounded and found only one slave girl with a slash. The place was crawling with greens and their escorts. If you have ever been in a battle situation lag is horrible. It gets so you can't move.
[10:35]  Zenith Sorbet: In our simulation last week, I was so lagged out at one point I was actually thrown into the Olni river.
[10:35]  First Sword: hehehe
[10:35]  Zenith Sorbet: laughs. It becomes impossible to move, to change your clothing, to take things off or put em on.
[10:36]  Zenith Sorbet: Now I have a number of suggestions for reducing your pesonal lag, but please First Sword add any I miss or feel free to elaborate.
[10:36]  Zenith Sorbet: Most important is to get rid of prims. Prim skirt, prim hair, anything prim.
[10:37]  Student suddenly as an image of naked baldheaded greens rushing to save the lives of warriors and giggles
[10:37]  Zenith Sorbet: So last night I made myself a battlefield dress with almost no additional prims, and hey it does reduce lag, even in regular circumstances.
[10:37]  Claudette Dufaux: lol
[10:38]  Zenith Sorbet: Let me change. The hair isn't right but it isn't too bad.
[changes to battlefield outfit]
[10:38]  First Sword gave you FPS and fighting.
[10:38]  First Sword: One thing
[10:38] First Sword: do not worry about reverting the settings
[10:38]  First Sword: when you relog..all will revert back to normal
[10:38]  Zenith Sorbet: Now I have only my personal weapons as prim add ons.
[10:39]  Zenith Sorbet: I have one folder just for my battle and so if I find myself in that situation I can take the folder drag it onto myself I'm done.
[10:39]  Zenith Sorbet: I suggest you do that BEFORE lag gets bad.
[10:40]  Zenith Sorbet: Another tip, if you arrive at a market or safe zone and lag is horrible and you need to change, tp home, change and tp back in.
[10:40]  Zenith Sorbet: Now back into my pretty things.
[Changes back to regular outfit]
[10:41]  Zenith Sorbet: You had a question?
[10:41]  Student: going back to being impaled!
[10:41]  Zenith Sorbet: laughs
[10:41]  Zenith Sorbet: yes
[10:41]  Student: I understand the logic of not healing the enemy
[10:41]  Student: but with reference to the codes
[10:42]  Zenith Sorbet: Ah yes the codes.
[10:42]  Student: do we never heal the enemy during battle and what if neither side is our homestone? I heard of a green getting death threats for not aiding someone
[10:43]  Zenith Sorbet: One must always use discretion and common sense.
[10:43]  Zenith Sorbet: If you are in a strange city not your homestone you do as the physicians around you are doing.
[10:43]  Zenith Sorbet: You take your lead from that. It is their homestone.
[10:43]  Zenith Sorbet: Yes First Sword?
[10:44]  First Sword: I have been in a situation like that before...when 2 sides have been fighting..  i stand to the side and not interfere
[10:45]  Zenith Sorbet: It is important to remember as well that there are portions of the Green Castes of Gor, both the larger groups, who endorse and support a noninterventionist neutrality. We heal all who need healing without caring about what side is right or wrong.
[10:46]  Zenith Sorbet: This is not Gorean. In my opinion.
[10:46]  Zenith Sorbet: Physicians are regarded as noncombatants, true but I have never heard of them as being "neutral" in the books.
[10:46]  Zenith Sorbet: Even so, I would never go into the strange sim and tell a physician, no I am not going to heal person X.
[10:47]  Zenith Sorbet: Now when I was in Cos during a raid recently I ran into a room and found three bound injured warriors. I had no idea whose side they were on, so I left them alone.
[10:48]  Zenith Sorbet: Shortly afterward my First Sword ran in and told me they were the enemy.
[10:48]  Zenith Sorbet: If I had healed them....they might have killed my own First Sword.
[10:48]  Zenith Sorbet: So when in other sims courtesy requires you follow their rules.
[10:49]  Zenith Sorbet: In Vonda you follow our rules where Green are Gorean not International Red Cross.
[10:49]  Zenith Sorbet: Now getting back to healing itself.
[10:50]  Zenith Sorbet: In battle the primary role is to get the meter up so the warriors can fight.
[10:51]  Zenith Sorbet: Frankly, this is no time to worry about the niceties of swabbing with disinfectant and tying a pretty bow tie bandage.
[10:51]  Zenith Sorbet: The warriors have a lot to worry about with everything going on a round them so I usually do almost no rp.
[10:52]  First Sword agrees
[10:52]  Zenith Sorbet: The three steps are cleanse disinfect/ointment bandage
[10:52]  Zenith Sorbet: So while I am healing with the meter function I will sometimes write "works quickly, pouring disinfectant over the wounds and binding it well to stop bleeding"
[10:52]  Zenith Sorbet: Even then I only do that much if there is nothing going on or the warrior rps with me first.
[10:53]  Zenith Sorbet: Also when you are lagged out it may seem like your meter isn't working.
[10:53]  Zenith Sorbet: So you bend and heal ten times and the stupid meter is still stuck. Or so it seems. Only it isn't. You are wasting time.
[10:54]  Zenith Sorbet: Do "diagnose" and then heal on a warrior once in sequence and if you see no result and move along.
[10:54]  Zenith Sorbet: Do not skip diagnose. It feels like a useless step but if the meter keeps track and if you don't use the diagnose feature it can take multiple rounds to heal the warrior and if they have something wrong with them, your attempts to heal without diagnose can even kill.
[thanks to Lady Astorette Novi for correction]
[10:54]  Zenith Sorbet: Yes lag builds so conserve yourself always. Diagnose, heal, he's healed even if you can't see it. Move along.
[10:55]  Zenith Sorbet: Again, if a physician is injured treat the physician first.
[10:56]  Zenith Sorbet: One of the problems with the warriors is their blood lust is up.
[10:56]  Zenith Sorbet: Many will accept only one round and then run as soon as they are healed enough to fight again.
[10:56]  Zenith Sorbet: This is poor judgement on their part most of the time because if they are barely healed, they will get knocked out quickly and have to run back again.
[10:56]  Zenith Sorbet: This wastes time.
[10:57]  Zenith Sorbet: So remind the warrior to NOT run off until you are finished. If he runs off halfway through a healing cycle, he has really wasted time.
[10:57]  Student: do they have to click to accept healing or does it just happen?
[10:57]  Zenith Sorbet: It just happens.
[10:58]  Zenith Sorbet: Good question.
[10:58]  Zenith Sorbet: What I said about running off, of course doesn't count if the bad guys are running at him while you are healing and he has to fight or die.
[10:59]  First Sword: as a reminder we warriors can heal ourselves to a small extent
[10:59]  Zenith Sorbet: 8% versus 100% in the same time.
[11:00]  Jay66 Byk: for some reason i like the 100%
[11:00]  Zenith Sorbet: All right our hour is up. Before I close I would like all present to say something so your name gets into my transcript and I'll ask for any questions.
[11:01]  Zenith Sorbet: All right any questions or comments?
[11:02]  Warrior: will you ever think of joining us on our skirmishes?
[11:02]  Zenith Sorbet: I don't recommend taking physicians, especially females on raids. Too dangerous.
[11:03]  Zenith Sorbet: Bring your wounded back or have us wait somewhere safe nearby.
[11:03]  Zenith Sorbet: Any more questions?
[11:03]  Zenith Sorbet: All right.
[11:04]  Zenith Sorbet: Class dismissed then thank you for coming especially our First Sword who had so much helpful to add.

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