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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Legal Advocacy Course Academy Case Study 3

A Freewoman who was not of the city in question, was discovered in an underground storage area where the city keeps its arsenal and treasury stores. She was apprehended by a couple of the city guards, in  the tunnels, No breach into the weapons area or the treasury was found. The woman claims the reason she was there is she fell into the supposedly well hidden shaft leading to the access tunnels.

The first sword, has decided that there should be a hearing before a magistrate to determine what should be done about this matter. The woman was in the tunnels for, it is believed, about an ahn or so. Her robes were dirty and no obvious weapons were seen on her.
THis case is modeled on that actually occoured  back in Stones of Turmus about a year and a half ago.
Here's the backstory information- some useful, some not, some totally irrelevant, andsome extrapolative in nature.
The woman says that she is  from the north near Kassau. She was wearing a veil when found. She claims that she is the  Woman of Jarl Sven the Reeking. The city  you are in, like stones of Turmus, is located within a couple hundred pasangs of Ar, just to the west of the margin of desolation. There are no waterways here, because it is well inland. Assume that this city is a banner keep, such as SoT was (hint.. research banner keeps, and/or read the mid sections of Slave Girl of Gor).
The governing of the "city" is as by the books for such things- there is no "administrator or Ubar", being a banner keep. I will tell you this is significant in its implications to the case.
As last time, I will choose who prosecutes, who adjudicates and who defends so be prepared to handle either side, and GOOD LUCK.

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