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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magistrates Class #3

􀀂 case study (Mag) Elsie

[14:02]  janette Inglewood: right well...its gone 2
[14:02]  Cherokee Altney nods to the man just arriving
[14:02]  BDO Guardian: Tal Axion.
[14:02]  janette Inglewood: so lets get underway
[14:02]  janette Inglewood: welcome to week 3 of the Magistrates course
[14:03]  janette Inglewood: i hope You all recieved the case study for todays class
[14:03]  Rhiannan Khandr: no not I
[14:03]  BDO Guardian: Yes.
[14:03]  Nebula Rae: yes
[14:03]  janette Inglewood: i just re sent it in group for any who frogot
[14:03]  janette Inglewood: forgot even
[14:04]  BDO Guardian: I had actually prepared a defence and a Prosecution, but second life hates me today and has eaten a good deal of my inventory.
[14:04]  janette Inglewood: it is my intention to play this through in a mock court setting
[14:05]  janette Inglewood: then to discuss what we can learn
[14:05]  janette Inglewood: lag is ferocious
[14:05]  janette Inglewood: a court
[14:05]  Leon Farshore: @
[14:05]  janette Inglewood: of course we have the agistrate
[14:06]  janette Inglewood: *M
[14:08]  janette Inglewood: yes Leon?
[14:08]  BDO Guardian: ((have I lost chat again?))
[14:08]  Rhiannan Khandr: ( not sure I see your post )
[14:08]  Leon Farshore: shall we turn off metters tht may help...
[14:09]  BDO Guardian: ((good idea))
[14:09]  janette Inglewood: sure
[14:10]  Hannah Mandrake: my apolgies
[14:11]  Arcturus Xavorin: greetings everyone
[14:11]  janette Inglewood: then the defence and prosecution
[14:11]  janette Inglewood: called advocates
[14:12]  janette Inglewood: classes for them on tuesdays
[14:12]  janette Inglewood: also we shall rp the witnesses and accused
[14:12]  janette Inglewood: ah yes the lag is better without meters
[14:13]  janette Inglewood: so look at the case study
[14:13]  janette Inglewood: firstly we need a Magistrate
[14:13]  janette Inglewood: who volunteers?
[14:14]  BDO Guardian: I will although I make no promises. LOL.
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: /looks
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: ah ha Adria
[14:14]  BDO Guardian: As to my ability I mean.
[14:14]  janette Inglewood: then come and sit at the desk please
[14:15]  janette Inglewood: next...prosecution
[14:16]  Hannah Mandrake: i might try it
[14:16]  janette Inglewood: volunteer...Hannah
[14:16]  janette Inglewood: to the table in front of me please
[14:16]  Arcturus Xavorin sits quietly hoping to not draw any attention
[14:17]  Verona Lorgsval: i will volunteer for defense.
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: Verona it is then
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: thank You
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: to the table the other side
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: next..the defendent
[14:17]  janette Inglewood: Barridge
[14:18]  janette Inglewood: volunteers?
[14:18]  Arcturus Xavorin whistles
[14:18]  Verona Lorgsval: i volunteer leon farshore
[14:18]  janette Inglewood: oh come on
[14:18]  Cherokee Altney points to Arcturus
[14:19]  janette Inglewood chuckles
[14:19]  Hannah Mandrake: grins
[14:19]  janette Inglewood: Arcturus?
[14:19]  Arcturus Xavorin looks at a +passing insect
[14:19]  Arcturus Xavorin: uhm?
[14:19]  Cherokee Altney: He already plays innocent
[14:19]  Arcturus Xavorin: Yes
[14:19]  Cherokee Altney: There
[14:19]  janette Inglewood: Sir barridg
[14:19]  Cherokee Altney: He just volunteerd
[14:19]  Arcturus Xavorin: ;chuckles
[14:19]  Arcturus Xavorin: well ok
[14:20]  janette Inglewood: and Grably?
[14:20]  Bernhard Madsen: incoming
[14:20]  Cherokee Altney looks at the man present
[14:20]  Cherokee Altney: Was that a volunteering?
[14:20]  Arcturus Xavorin wonders where he shoudl sit
[14:20]  Bernhard Madsen: Tal Lady Tali
[14:21]  janette Inglewood: Charles?
[14:21]  janette Inglewood: will You please?
[14:21]  Tali Ceriano smiles and nods "Tal"
[14:21]  janette Inglewood: Crus join Verona Your advocate
[14:21]  Crusader Arado: huh?
[14:21]  Crusader Arado: ok
[14:21]  janette Inglewood: sorry Arcturus
[14:21]  janette Inglewood: forgive me
[14:22]  janette Inglewood: come on a volunteer please
[14:22]  janette Inglewood: we are wasting time
[14:22]  Crusader Arado: sighs, hating chairs and seats
[14:22]  janette Inglewood: righr are Grably
[14:22]  janette Inglewood: join Hannah
[14:23]  janette Inglewood: and lastly the kajira
[14:23]  Cherokee Altney grins
[14:24]  Quiet Clarity: I can always play a kajira
[14:24]  Crusader Arado: looks angrily around, impationatly waiting for justic at his grils taking
[14:25]  janette Inglewood: ok then Lady Storm the kajira please?
[14:25]  Verona Lorgsval: err janette
[14:25]  Cherokee Altney jerks her head up...
[14:25]  janette Inglewood: yes Verona
[14:25]  Verona Lorgsval: Whye am i defending both the owner of teh slave girl and the man that raped her?
[14:25]  Cherokee Altney: "Oh but Master I did try to keep him away!" she whimpers!
[14:25]  Verona Lorgsval: that seems to be a bit of cross purposes.
[14:25]  janette Inglewood: no You arent
[14:26]  janette Inglewood: i mislead Crus
[14:26]  Verona Lorgsval: i thought so crus is a witness and the slave owner, not the defendent.
[14:26]  Crusader Arado: yes?
[14:26]  Crusader Arado: yes
[14:26]  Cherokee Altney whispers "We belong on the other side Sir"
[14:26]  janette Inglewood: correct
[14:26]  janette Inglewood: so this side Crusplease
[14:26]  Crusader Arado: or sure
[14:26]  Arcturus Xavorin scratches his nose absently
[14:27]  Crusader Arado: now i gotta sit again
[14:27]  Hannah Mandrake: osbserves carefully
[14:27]  janette Inglewood: now then...everyone wrok with what You have
[14:27]  Hannah Mandrake: nods
[14:27]  BDO Guardian: Shall I begin?
[14:27]  janette Inglewood: do not get bogged down in details and obey the Magistrate
[14:27]  janette Inglewood: yes Adria the court is Yours Lady
[14:27]  Cherokee Altney looks around, a little shivering with the impressional courtroom as her eyes fall on the Magistrate she swallows hard... carefully she crawls closely to her Master
[14:28]  Hannah Mandrake: imaptianly awaits for teh start and resumes the case on her head
[14:28]  janette Inglewood: Im me if You need guidance at any time
[14:29]  Arcturus Xavorin 's eyes look at the kajira
[14:29]  BDO Guardian: Bangs the gavel as she settles in. "I have in front of me charges against the Man Barriage of using a restricted slave without her masters permission. I would here the opening statements. First, the prosecution."
[14:30]  Axion Verne: *waits impatiently for the court to start as he is only here to see the kajira giving evidence under torture.*
[14:30]  Cherokee Altney looks up to her Master in the hope he will give her some comfort of all this... Biting her lip to keep it from trembling, her eyes moist as she silently hopes for her Master to look at her as she is startled by the loud sound of the gavel "Oh!!!" she jumps up a little
[14:30]  Hannah Mandrake: thank your excenlence ans she rises
[14:30]  Crusader Arado: looks to the Lady and whispers, go get um killer
[14:31]  Hannah Mandrake: we shall prove wihtout question of the doubt that was a crime was comeited towards a property of SI gable with the testemy of all interested parts ...As i rest for now
[14:31]  Cherokee Altney whispers very softly only for her Master to hear "Please my Master please do not let them torture me, I will speak the truth as you have trained me to do my Master"
[14:32]  BDO Guardian: Nods to the Lady Prosecuter. then looks to the defnce table. "Defence, and opening remarks?"
[14:32]  BDO Guardian: *any
[14:32]  Crusader Arado: shh girl, if necessary you will feel the lash galdly to see this larma nosed thief brought to justice
[14:33]  Verona Lorgsval: The free man acted as in his nature. He saw a girl clad in red silks without a belt. How was he suppose to know she was white silk. Slave girls lie when it suits them that is well established. He was within his rights as a free to use her as he sees fit even sexually. Had her owner wanted her to remain white silk she would have been locked up in his kennel or at least belted.
[14:33]  Cherokee Altney looks scared to the other side, shivering as her eyes catch the man that has taken it upon him to drag her to that ally to have his way with her... a tear rolling over her cheek as she hears the words of her Master... she droops her head, hiding a sniff
[14:33]  Arcturus Xavorin snorts derisevely at the snivelling kajira, the size of His nose making the sound reverberate
[14:33]  BDO Guardian: Looks to Sir Grably with a warning to be more quiet.
[14:34]  Crusader Arado: sighs and remains quiet, scowling at the man across from him
[14:34]  Cherokee Altney rests her head on the thigh of her Master for some confort in this moments of dispare....
[14:35]  Hannah Mandrake: tryes ti think as fast she can to help Sir gable
[14:35]  BDO Guardian: returns her attention to the defence advocate, "Is your statment done?"
[14:35]  Verona Lorgsval: aii for the moment.
[14:36]  Arcturus Xavorin pics a bugger of His nose and flicks it off the bench a distinct note of contempt
[14:36]  BDO Guardian: Nods again and returns her gaze to the prosecution. "Lady, would you present your case?"
[14:36]  Nebula Rae bernhard seems a bit jovial....
[14:36]  Hannah Mandrake: as she raises thank you your excelency
[14:37]  Cherokee Altney looks up at the Lady in blue and sighs... Knowing this all will be very difficult for Her to defend this case... she silently, without words and only in thought, wishes the Lady the best of luck... if it was only to safe her Master of any shame
[14:38]  Hannah Mandrake: call Sir Barrisdgw to witness stand
[14:38]  Amadeus Freund: looks up, didn't realize that she had submitted
[14:38]  Arcturus Xavorin rises fomr hsi seat near His advocate and goes o sit by the witness stand
[14:39]  Hannah Mandrake: Sir were you not informed about her status?
[14:39]  Cherokee Altney follows the man that started this all, her eyes glisten with a mixture of fury and fear...
[14:39]  Arcturus Xavorin: No I was not.
[14:40]  Hannah Mandrake: then you say that the kajira is laying?
[14:40]  Cherokee Altney opens her mouth and only utters a high pitched squeek before closing her mouth again....
[14:40]  !CONNECT! basic couples animator ready.
[14:40]  Axion Verne: *grins at the words*
[14:40]  Verona Lorgsval: coughs at the prosecution faux pas, snorts the sluts always lay.
[14:41]  Arcturus Xavorin: The kajira was wearing a red camisk, and was nto wearing a belt
[14:41]  Crusader Arado: ((( um sorry but he did know he checked her profile ))
[14:41]  Cherokee Altney turns to her Master in desperation whispering "Please my Master I never lied! I kept your honer and name in the clean I never did anything to shame you, please belief me my Master..."
[14:41]  Crusader Arado: (( he did know her status )))
[14:41]  Charles Esharham: ((anyone wants advice IM me))
[14:41]  BDO Guardian: ((ooc, it is not permisable as evidence))
[14:41]  Hannah Mandrake: i would like to remind to court that a slaves what her owenr ordered to wear
[14:41]  Arcturus Xavorin: I assumed she was red silk as evidenced by her clothign and appreil
[14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: as such i made us of her
[14:42]  Arcturus Xavorin: *use
[14:42]  Hannah Mandrake: Sir did you asked her MAster to use her?
[14:42]  Hannah Mandrake: or made any inqueirys about her restritions?
[14:43]  Cherokee Altney feels the fear and hopelessness of the case grab her as a cold hand by the throat, her eyes flashing between the man and her Master, desperately hoping she can find a way to make clear she tried her best to fence the man off in a proper kajira way
[14:44]  Arcturus Xavorin shrugs. As I saaid she ws outside, was wearing a red camisk, not wearing an iron belt. One woudl assume, He says snrting again the sound exharcebated again, that white silk ilrs woudlnt be put out of their confinements with these attires
[14:45]  Hannah Mandrake: Sir did not you see by her collar that she privatly owned?
[14:45]  Crusader Arado: her belt was being made !! he blurts out
[14:45]  Hannah Mandrake: looking furoisly to the man
[14:45]  Verona Lorgsval: your honor i object to that question.
[14:45]  Cherokee Altney nods figirously... As to underline her Masters words
[14:46]  BDO Guardian: Glares at the outburst. "Sir! that will be enough of that."
[14:46]  BDO Guardian: looks to the defence. "On what grounds?"
[14:46]  Crusader Arado: sighs and growls mumbling i can have my sluts wear whatever i please no slave color rules i ever heard of as he falls silent again
[14:47]  Cherokee Altney squinches and shivers... and crawls against her Master, her arms clinging around her Masters leg
[14:47]  Verona Lorgsval: On the basis that a collar does not state what status a silk girl is. The fact that she wears a collar is not enough to prove that she is restricted
[14:47]  Hannah Mandrake: Excelence
[14:47]  Verona Lorgsval: a paga slut wear a collar.
[14:47]  Hannah Mandrake: my point to show to this court
[14:47]  Nebula Rae: definition of slut=slut
[14:47]  Hannah Mandrake: is that the girl in question is private and must follow her master commands at all time
[14:48]  Crusader Arado: nods
[14:48]  BDO Guardian: "I will allow the question, most collars have the owners name upon them, and it is consistant with Gorean law to seek the permission of a slaves owner before use."
[14:48]  Crusader Arado: grins and thumbs his nose at the defendant
[14:49]  BDO Guardian: "Even a tavern girl. as she is paid for to the tavern owner."
[14:49]  BDO Guardian: Looks back to the man in the whitness seat. "Answe the question Sir, did you not see she was wearing a collar of a private owner?"
[14:50]  Cherokee Altney lifts her chin to show her collar, shiney and the letters of her Master well engraved in the iron
[14:50]  Arcturus Xavorin: I did not notice any distinguishing markings on the collar, except that of the name of her Master
[14:51]  BDO Guardian: Looks to the prosecution to see if she has more questions for the man?
[14:52]  Crusader Arado: facepalms shaking his head adn muttering, whatelse id need to be said
[14:52]  Cherokee Altney widens her eyes on the words, wondering if that would not have been enough to tell the man that she was a private slave and the use of a private slave like that is not quite called honerable... Turns her eyes to her Master to see what his responce is
[14:52]  Hannah Mandrake: so you consider valid to use at your discretion not wanting to know if a slave can be using gouing against your home rules?
[14:53]  Arcturus Xavorin: If the slave was belted and wearing white clothing i woudl most certianly ask permission
[14:53]  Arcturus Xavorin: hoever since the slave was not belted, wearing red clothes and a camisk at that
[14:53]  Arcturus Xavorin: I was under the impresson she was trying to mkae coin, as apaga girl woudl
[14:53]  Arcturus Xavorin: `paga
[14:53]  Cherokee Altney jerks her head to the man in the witness chair and utters a little squeek of suprise...
[14:53]  Crusader Arado: suppse she had been naked sir !! he yells, her cloting type matters not !!!
[14:54]  Arcturus Xavorin looks in His pocket for a tarsk bit
[14:54]  Arcturus Xavorin ignore the Man's outburst
[14:54]  Hannah Mandrake: Your exncelency the slaves wear waht her master orders to
[14:54]  BDO Guardian: Bangs her gavel on the table loudly and looks to the Man at his outburst.
[14:54]  Cherokee Altney dives under the desk to hide from the enragement of her Master... Shivering and curled up she stays there in hiding... Maybe they will forget she is even there she silently hopes
[14:55]  Verona Lorgsval: looks up from her scribbling of notes wondering what more he prosecution would ask.
[14:55]  BDO Guardian: "Sir, one more outburst from you in this room while I sit on this case, and I will find you in contempt and have you removed to the jail. This is the only warning."
[14:56]  Hannah Mandrake: and acording to the city the private slaves may or nay not have restritions in terms of sexual use and this man had no interest of have knowldge aboiut it
[14:56]  Crusader Arado: sighs heavily, fine min with dagger and hand your royal highness and I will have my restitution and we can just go bout our business
[14:56]  Hannah Mandrake: and rest my case SIr
[14:56]  Cherokee Altney holds her breath, feeling her heart pound wildly in her chest as she listens to the voices above her head, her lip trembling for she is close to crying... Her worsed fear the torture that awaits her if her time to speak comes
[14:56]  Crusader Arado: five
[14:56]  Axion Verne: *mutters under his breath but loud enough for those nearby to hear* "The slut was also kneeling with her legs wide open when I passed her in the street"
[14:58]  BDO Guardian: Looks to the defence, "Your case Advovate."
[14:58]  Verona Lorgsval: nods and moves to the front of the room in her wheelchair.
[14:58]  Crusader Arado: your holiness do I get to speak?
[14:59]  BDO Guardian: Looks back to the man. "Your advocate rested Sir, so unless the defence calls you. No. Now be still."
[14:59]  Verona Lorgsval: tell me sir, was there any indication on the girl that she was anything other than a common paga slut?
[14:59]  Crusader Arado: sighs and growls gripping the table tightly
[14:59]  Arcturus Xavorin: As fas I coudl know, No.
[14:59]  Arcturus Xavorin: She was wearing a camisk, clearing displayign her hear
[14:59]  Cherokee Altney peeks from underneath the table to the Lady of the other side come closer... the wheels of the wheelchair making soft crisping sounds on the floor as they roll close... Scared she leans more towards her Master again... Her eyes locked on the Lady
[14:59]  Crusader Arado: Lies !! my name upoon her throat !!!
[15:00]  Verona Lorgsval: Nods, and the position in which she was kneeling was it in nadu of the slutlings or tower of a proper slave?
[15:00]  Hannah Mandrake: be quiet sirt
[15:00]  BDO Guardian: Bangs the gavel hard again.
[15:00]  Crusader Arado: places his head in his hads and starts to turn puple
[15:01]  Arcturus Xavorin: red, which indicated she was most likely opened and not belted.
[15:01]  BDO Guardian: "I want thi man removed from the court, and brought to the jail. " Looks to him angrily. "I find you in contempt."
[15:01]  Cherokee Altney jumps up with the sudden outrage once again and she bangs her head against the table above her... "Oomf!" she mutters and rubs her head as she peeks from underneath again
[15:01]  Verona Lorgsval: where he knees open like that of a slutling or closed in proper tower position?
[15:01]  Crusader Arado: FINE !! Jail me then
[15:01]  Hannah Mandrake: Sir
[15:01]  BDO Guardian: Defence. Stay your case for a moment while this man is removed."
[15:01]  Hannah Mandrake: please
[15:02]  Verona Lorgsval: of course your honor.
[15:02]  Cherokee Altney hearing the words of the Magistrate she opens her mouth... in fear she looks to her Master and she cries out "Nay my Master! Nay do not leave me allone! Please!" she launches forward and clings her arms around his legs
[15:02]  Crusader Arado: mumbles as he is taken away, this is not justice
[15:03]  BDO Guardian: ((Since he cant be gone from class I will just rp he has been taken away.))
[15:03]  Cherokee Altney sobs uncontrollingly as she tries to hold on to her Master with all the strenght she has, but feels how the guards pry her loose and toss her back to the location her Master just was...
[15:04]  BDO Guardian: Looks to the defence, "Please continue."
[15:04]  Verona Lorgsval: nods, i shall now, sir, were the legs of the slave open like those of a disgraceful slutling or closed like a proper tower slave?
[15:04]  Cherokee Altney feeling lost and totally at the mercy now of the opposide side... No Master to shield her from any harm she crumbles on the floor... her eyes wet with tears she lays there listening to the voices that decide her fate...
[15:05]  Cherokee Altney whipes her nose... shoulders shocking as she tries to control her breathing while she cries... her mind screaming but her mouth silence... How to escape this new nightmare
[15:06]  Arcturus Xavorin: I can' rmeber now
[15:06]  Arcturus Xavorin: but in any case, withthe camisk her heat is always shown
[15:08]  Cherokee Altney looks up... A moment she is tempted to cry out in fury to the man but her training, for the bit that she has been given sofar for she is not a slave for that long yet, prevent her... but how she would love to jump up and scratch his eyes out if she was given the chance... Again she whipes her nose... her face stained with the dust on the floor and her tears...
[15:08]  Arcturus Xavorin: well as a matter fo fact they were open
[15:09]  Verona Lorgsval: so you do remember seeing her heat being shown. For all you knew in that case was that her owner was a tavern keeper.
[15:09]  Arcturus Xavorin shurgs
[15:09]  Arcturus Xavorin: that thoguht did cross my mind
[15:09]  Verona Lorgsval: so your testimony is sir, you cam across a slave in a red kamask wihtout a belt kneeling in nadu out in the streets alone. So you used her as you would any paga slut is that what you are testifying.
[15:10]  Cherokee Altney shakes her head in sheer desperation and denyal... all that this man tells, nothing true, she did as her Master had told her to do...
[15:10]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. I woudl indeed
[15:10]  Verona Lorgsval: ok, then i am sure you would be willing to give a copper tarsk to her owner for the use of the slave girl the cost of a cup of paga. is this correct?
[15:11]  Arcturus Xavorin nods. Aye, I woudl say it is quite agreeable
[15:11]  Verona Lorgsval: you honor i have no further questions for this witness.
[15:12]  Nebula Rae: haha....a slut is worth a copper tarsk...a FW is priceless :)
[15:12]  BDO Guardian: looks to the prosecution. "I will be decide what, if any, coinage the man will pay Advocate.
[15:12]  BDO Guardian: ((defence, sorry))
[15:13]  : Verona Lorgsval OOC : chuckles it is ok...smiles.
[15:13]  Cherokee Altney looks at the person that has spoken those words and a moment she has a hard time to keep herself... she bites her tongue hard... knowing she is way more worth then just a mere copper tarsk... But she does not shame her Master and thus she remains silent but she would love to tell these people a piece of her mind
[15:13]  Nebula Rae: and now the slut's not worth nothin'.....oh too bad
[15:13]  BDO Guardian: Looks to the woman who sepakes out and glares a warning to her.
[15:15]  Bernhard Madsen nods his FC and whispers "Be quiet"
[15:15]  Cherokee Altney turns her head away from the woman that has spoken so harsh... A moment she lets a thought run through her mind but she disgards from calling out to the Free Woman that she must be jealouse that it is not her on her knees at the feet of her Master... she knows how some Free Woman envy a girls position with some fury...
[15:16]  BDO Guardian: Looks to the courtroom and stands.
[15:16]  Nebula Rae: *sighs*
[15:16]  BDO Guardian: "The hour is late, I will adjurn for the day and we will continue at the next seating of the court."
[15:17]  BDO Guardian: Bangs the gavel.
[15:17]  Cherokee Altney whimpers for she does not know what to do or where to go since her Master has been put to jail...
[15:17]  Arcturus Xavorin stands glad to stretch His legs
[15:17]  janette Inglewood: right everyone...well done...we shall resume this and discuss it in detailnext week
[15:18]  Amadeus Freund: nods

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