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Thursday, July 21, 2011

8 - Traveling Physician

Traveling physician-role playing out of your own sim
interacting appropriately with and using the resources of Green Caste of Gor and Physicians Caste of Gor. Role playing in a strange sim, OOC issues of traveling, physician safety while traveling
[13:10]  Zenith Sorbet: Today's class is about Traveling physician-role playing out of your own sim. Not as is sometimes assumed a physician traveling about with no homestone. Such is not BTB to the best of my knowledge.
[13:12]  Zenith Sorbet: Now almost all physicians in Gor belong to one of the two larger Green Caste groups, often both.
[13:12]  Zenith Sorbet: These are the Green Caste of Gor and Physicians Caste of Gor.
[13:14]  Zenith Sorbet: Both groups offer resources, support, and classes as well as a wide assortment of prim objects for physician role play.
[13:16]  Zenith Sorbet: They also offer supports for apprentices.
[13:17]  Zenith Sorbet: Both of those groups have an active IM chat role.
[13:18]  Zenith Sorbet: This can be in the form of physicians who are on line and uncertain out to proceed so they ask questions.
[13:18]  Zenith Sorbet: Another common use is if there is a need for a physician, a call will go out on the IM chat.
[13:19]  Zenith Sorbet: Physicians from other cities will then volunteer to go in and cover an emergency. Usually it's battle rp and they have injured warriors or sudden illnesses and the regular physician is not on line.
[13:19]  Zenith Sorbet: These can be great experiences, really good rp and fun. So I always recommend people take advantage of these chances.
[13:20]  Zenith Sorbet: Apprentices can often get to tag along and observe some of the best physicians in Gor. I have twice been able to go as an apprentice with Lady Kailla herself, probably the most famous Gorean physician of them all and a superb role player.
[13:20]  Zenith Sorbet: The role of physician is unique in all Gor because we get to rp into other people's lives in a way others don't.
[13:21]  Zenith Sorbet: This is fun and interesting but it also has pitfalls.
[13:21]  Zenith Sorbet: To do the traveling physician well there are a couple of things you need to know about.
[13:21]  Zenith Sorbet: This way you can avoid accidentally making trouble or getting yourself force collared in a strange sim by people you don't know.
[13:22]  Zenith Sorbet: First of all, contrary to what some people think or would like to see, each sim and each city operates independantly of all the rest.
[13:22]  Zenith Sorbet: This applies to physicians as well.
[13:22]  Zenith Sorbet: So a physician recognized in Vonda may or may not be one recognized in say Thentis.
[13:23]  Zenith Sorbet: Weapons used in Cos may not be the same as weapons used in a panther camp.
[13:23]  Zenith Sorbet: What is acceptable in a merchant camp may not be acceptable in Lara.
[13:23]  Zenith Sorbet: The best example I can think of is women with weapons.
[13:24]  Zenith Sorbet: In some sims women carry weapons and fight. In Vonda unless it is concealed like a dagger, you can be force collared.
[13:24]  Zenith Sorbet: In some sims any weapons at all, even a whip of slave goad can get you into trouble.
[13:24]  Zenith Sorbet: So before you go in. you must stop and read the rules of the sim.
[13:24]  Zenith Sorbet: You must know the laws of the sim you are going to and what you can and cannot do.
[13:25]  Zenith Sorbet: So it is very important NOT to accept a tp directly into an infirmary.
[13:25]  Zenith Sorbet: I did that once and found myself in the middle of a battle and was killed by a panther.
[13:26]  Zenith Sorbet: So if someone calls you and you say you want to go, and someone offers you a tarn, for your own safety insist on getting a lm to the sim entry point and stop and read the rules.
[13:26]  Zenith Sorbet: Obviously if you have been there before, you can skip this step.
[13:26]  Zenith Sorbet: If there is someone you know and trust you can also skip it.
[13:27]  Zenith Sorbet: But it is dangerous in the extreme to just pop in.
[13:27]  Zenith Sorbet: Always keep in mind it isn't a "real" emergency. No one is really going to die if you take five extra minutes to land at the docks and read the rules.
[13:28]  Zenith Sorbet: Also standards for medicine vary from sim to sim. We don't use kanda here for pain relief because we are a by the book sim and it isn't used for that in the books.
[13:29]  Zenith Sorbet: but if you arrive at someone else's infirmary and they are using kanda, well you have to go by their rules. Their practice.
[13:29]  Zenith Sorbet: You are a guest in their sim and so you follow their rules and practice.
[13:29]  Zenith Sorbet: You must also look out for your own safety.
[13:30]  Zenith Sorbet: Here is our policy on weapons and physicians.
[13:30]  Zenith Sorbet: I always make a point of knowing the policy for the sim.
[13:30]  Zenith Sorbet: Some chief physicians will not allow any kind of weapon at all.
[13:36]  Zenith Sorbet: Before you enter a sim make sure you understand what the policy is for the physicians.
[13:37]  Zenith Sorbet: Nothing can cause more hurt feelings and offense than entering a sim with a policy of no weapons and arriving wearing a goad or dagger.
[13:42]  Zenith Sorbet: I recommend a female physician ALWAYS have a male escort going into a strange place.
[13:43]  Zenith Sorbet: You can arrange this two ways.
[13:43]  Zenith Sorbet: 1) ask one of your own city warriors or a male relative to go with you.
[13:43]  Zenith Sorbet: 2) Ask you host to have a guard waiting for you at the docks/gates/whatever to guard you and escort you in.
[13:44]  Zenith Sorbet: If they agree to have a guard to escort you in and then you get attacked and the guard does not protect you, that's grounds to contact a moderator and have your death/capture/attack declared invalid.
[13:45]  Zenith Sorbet: Plus it saves you wandering all over the sim trying to find the infirmary.
[13:45]  Zenith Sorbet: Now OOC issues.
[13:45]  Zenith Sorbet: Every sim has different OOC rules.
[13:45]  Zenith Sorbet: In some it is acceptable to tp a person in.
[13:46]  Zenith Sorbet: In Vonda it is a violation of the rules and grounds for declaring an rp invalid. It does the people you are trying to help no good at all if you tp in to help and get their whole rp declared invalid.
[13:46]  Zenith Sorbet: It is also not good rp to have a physician appear in a puff of smoke right in the infirmary.
[13:46]  Zenith Sorbet: However if that's the way they do it, go with the flow.
[13:47]  Zenith Sorbet: So I have at times asked to a lm to the docks, found myself right in the infirmary instead and so i just rp it best I can.
[13:48]  Zenith Sorbet: Example: "The strange physician brushes straw from her clothing and hair from her ride in the tarn basket, smooths her skirts and checks her veil before looking around to orient herself as the tarn wings sounds beat off into the distance."
[13:48]  Zenith Sorbet: and when leaving - "Sounds of a tarn landing outside alert the physician to the arrival of her warrior tarnsman returning to carry her home."
[13:49]  Zenith Sorbet: I prefer going in and out to the sim entry point but we are guests when we travel and we need to act like guests and be polite and follow their rules.
[13:50]  Zenith Sorbet: Another thing that often happens is you arrive in an infirmary start working and meantime the physician comes on line and barges in.
[13:50]  Zenith Sorbet: In that case ALWAYS, immediately become deferential polite and friendly. Introduce yourself.
[13:51]  Zenith Sorbet: I am so glad you have arrived Chief Physician. I am Lady Zenith Sorbet of the Green Caste called here in an emergency. Do you wish me to remain and continue?"
[13:51]  Zenith Sorbet: Always give them the option.
[13:51]  Zenith Sorbet: Usually if you are called in you can continue.
[13:51]  Zenith Sorbet: But when the person's infirmary you are in, walks in, you defer to them.
[13:52]  Zenith Sorbet: Always keep a log of everything you did and after it is over, contact the physician and drop them a notecard with the log. Taking the usual step of ensuring everyone present agrees to allow this of course so you don't violate ToS, of course.
[13:52]  Zenith Sorbet: That way they know what's happened while they were gone.
[13:53]  Zenith Sorbet: One little trick is to give a copy to a slave and tell the slave to make sure the physician gets a copy if no one can tell you who the physician is.
[13:53]  Zenith Sorbet: And that happens. What's the green's name? I don't know Terry something, she's blond.
[13:53]  Zenith Sorbet: duh...
[13:54]  Zenith Sorbet: Or hand it to the Free Woman who is wringing her hands in the corner and tell her to give it to the physician.
[13:54]  Zenith Sorbet: All right, any questions?
[13:55]  Zenith Sorbet: One final thing I will bring up.
[13:55]  Zenith Sorbet: Even though we tp from place to place in reality you should rp your travel to and from each sim. So if you arrive back in Olni by TP and you've just been in Turia
[13:56]  Zenith Sorbet: you can say something if someone asks you how you Oh I need to visit the baths. I was in Turia and the desert heat has left me sweaty and awful. I should also note many physicians feel that the whole idea of traveling to other sims is not BTB.
Some think we should not be doing this at all, that it took weeks to travel from Tampico to Turia in Gor.
[13:57]  Zenith Sorbet: You can get around it by arriving and rping you were traveling to visit a relative, you have been on road for a number of weeks and it's good to be back in a civilized place and isn't it great that you happened to be going by when they needed you?
[13:57]  Zenith Sorbet: It's a matter of trying to blend nicely where you are in rp. Also some people decide they are just not going to do this. I myself have found I am limiting my travel to places in Saleria. That's fine too.
[13:57]  Zenith Sorbet: A couple of more tips: when you travel....always set your group name to something neutral.
[13:58]  Zenith Sorbet: Neutral name tags include Green Caste of Gor and Physicians Gaste of Gor. You just don't want to wear the tag of a city they are at war with. I know we aren't supposed ot read tags but people do.
[13:58]  Zenith Sorbet: There isn't really a right or wrong way to do good rp but if it is fun and interesting and all enjoy it, it's right.
[13:59]  Zenith Sorbet: To pass this class you need to go on a healing mission outside of Vonda.
[14:04]  Zenith Sorbet: There is one stipulation on that, one restriction.
[14:05]  Zenith Sorbet: Just because I think you are compentant to go, doesn't mean you can heal in a place where apprentices are not permitted to heal.
[14:06]  Zenith Sorbet:  I simply need to see that you can fit in in a strange place and act like a physician and rp going in and out.
[14:06]  Zenith Sorbet: If you simply observe as a physician's apprentice, that is good enough as long as your rp is right.
[14:08]  Zenith Sorbet: I also recommend you wear green and have a green armband.
[14:09]  Zenith Sorbet: That armband I gave you is mod so you can change it to whatever you like.
[14:10] And that is everything I needed to cover for today.

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