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Friday, July 22, 2011

1 - Gorean Alphabet

Al-Ka’ and ‘Ba-Ta’ are the two first letters of the Gorean alphabet.
There were twenty-eight characters in the Gorean alphabet.
al-ka (“a”)
ba-ta (“b”)
delka (“d”)
eta (“e”)
homan (“h”)
ina (“i”)
kef (“k”)
mu (“m”)
nu (“n”)
omnion (“o”)
kwah (“q”)
ar (“r”)
shu (“s”)
tau (“t”)
sidge (“c” ?)
tun (?)
val (“v” ?)
altron (“l” ?)
Gorean is written, as it is said, as the ox plows. The first line is written left to right, the second, right to left, the third, left to right, and so on. I had once been informed by my friend, Torm, that the whole business was quite simple, the alternate lines, in his opinion, at least, also being written forward, `only in the other direction.'
bk 20 pg 243 Players of Gor

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